The sun is shining

More pictures from our weekend! There is the chook shed!
My friend Mel came over yesterday and we pulled all of this out of boxes I hadn’t unpacked. After being on The Block, all of this doesn’t compare to all the amazing homewares I saw in Melbourne. This is sooooo 1990s! So they all went back in the boxes! I feel a garage sale coming on (oh and a shopping spree!!).


  • Kimberly

    The chook shed is unreal! Home to many chooks I would imagine. We have just recently had to leave our property and chooks and I miss them incredibly. I hate not feeding them my scraps and receiving eggs in exchange 🙂 Happy Sunday x

  • cc

    I love those black circular vases at the front of the table. You name where and when with the garage sale and I'll be there!

  • Jane

    that is one serious chook house, or as we call ours, 'chook headquarters'. Happy Sunday. Jane x

  • Sarah B

    That's a great chook house! Nice and big. When I was little I used to love riding around on the ride-on. So much fun!

  • designed to a T

    Maybe you could 'style' the chook shed with all the homewares you found in boxes. Maybe the boys can judge! Bet you are glad to be home!!!…all the best T

  • Deborah McGrath

    Wow, great chook shed. They must feel very priviledged. Hope they lay you lots of eggs. lol. Looks like a fun weekend at home.

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    So do tell….You bought ahouse? Built a house?…No more lil rental house? and still in Wagga?…Love the chook house…Hens are the best!

  • loulou

    Hello Katrina

    such a lovely board of photo's.
    Now that is wholesome! No computer games – they are boys having a ball!
    Can you imagine how envious some little boys would be in other countries that live in concrete buildings and would never in their lives get to collect eggs and ride on a mower.

    gorgeous pic's

    have a lovely day / night


  • Samantha

    Oh Katrina, I think I have chicken house envy, bring on that shopping spree.x

  • Tracy

    Looking good here..revamped and rearing to go!

  • Simone

    Love the colour of your banner and the media icons are crisp. Its a little hard to read the coloured text against the white background, perhaps a darker shade? My furlion Diva is soooo jealous of your chook house,unfortunately she is inprisoned in the house until her slave makes a pussery for her.

  • sammie

    Are you prints on the australia version of etsy too??

  • Katrina Chambers

    Etsy is worldwide Sammie, so you can just buy them from there.

  • Trish

    One mans trash is another mans treasure!!!
    Love the chook shed, its definately a hens castle, LOL!!

  • Gail McCormack

    Love your new look blog…BIG BONUS it loads so fast!!
    Very classy Chook Shed, if it was mine I'd use it for a studio

  • Danielle

    we are pining for our very own chook shed. the new place looks amazing.

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