Stunning Sunday: The ultimate beach house

Remember last week I said I hadn’t lived near the beach and mostly I haven’t wanted to? Well I take that back! I want this… 😉

Introducing a stunning beach house located at Mermaid beach in QLD.







I could see my boys running down to that beach every single day and I could sip coffee from the back deck. Heavenly!

You like?

See more of the property here.

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  • Linda Mahony Wharton says:

    I've been to this house, its at the Gold Coast listed at $5M
    The only problem (apart from the price tag) is that its losing its front yard to erosion. I'd be very worried about living THAT close to the big blue sea. Get up for a cup of tea one night on a king tide and you might get wet feet. It's lovely to dream tho…

  • Sheridan Hassett says:

    That is heaven. We are now a beach family – we can walk to the beach and I can't imagine not living near the water helps me breathe! I love that we live with the water down the road but still in Melbourne – I couldn't live right in the city again with kids though. Isn't it funny – I haven't lived in Wagga since I was in my early 20's but I still call Wagga "home". I think it will always be 'home' to me but once you live at the beach, it gets in your blood and you stay put!

  • Deanne says:

    Oh I love it- heavenly!!!

  • Megan Ey says:

    Me like! I've NEVER been a beach person, after all it's where dirt meets water, but THAT is special. What a lovely back yard, oh and don't forget that fireplace! However it'll always be trees and countryside for me 🙂

  • The organised housewife says:

    Ooh wow, gorgeous, if its on the goldie I could pop over for coffee!!

  • Anna (My Design Ethos) says:

    Oh gorgeous. The perfect mix of modern and classic for a contemporary beach house! xx

  • Nicole Life Living says:

    Oh it’s just beautiful! I can just imagine popping down to the ‘beach house’ each weekend. If only…….