Stunning Sunday: True warehouse vibe

I’ve said it before – yes I’m a sucker for a warehouse vibe. I see one pop up in the real estate pages and I’m alllllll over it like a rash! Just everything about the relaxed feel, rawness and openness really gets my heart racing. This one is no exception! It’s currently on the market located in Annandale, Sydney, NSW.

Up there with Sydney’s best warehouses, this residence was purpose-built within a bare industrial shell, ensuring the ultimate functionality. Suspended concrete. Open ceilings. Clear span space. Impressive. – Agent.

Check it out…

The indoor/outdoor living, the concrete floors, exposed beams and of course the ART! What a stunner.

You can read more about the listing here.

♥ KC.

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  • Caroline says:

    Great space, awesome art. Pity all the silly chair and table combinations make it look like a beer garden and not a home.

  • Montessa says:

    My house on the market now ‘ This is the kind of design am going to build soon Warehouse style .. Finger crossed ????