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Hi there! How are you today? It’s going to be a scorcher in Wagga today with 39 degrees! Ouchies. So I am up early to get things done in case I need to crash on the couch 😉

Last night I finished up teaching Term 4 of my Social Media class (it’s an 8 week course run each term) which I do every Monday night. My students come to the class knowing hardly anything about social media and spend the first 2-3 weeks unsure if they even should be in class! Then I LOVE watching the penny drop around week 4… this is when I see their motivation, inspiration and determination set in. Their enthusiasm inspires me…

So, last night as we wrapped the class up for the year they left feeling very pumped up and ready to use their new knowledge to better themselves and their businesses… We left talking about “not losing that enthusiasm“. I told them I’d be checking in on them!!

Now you know I LOVE a good infographic. So of course I had to find one to illustrate my point about how to stay inspired… here’s one for you…


I like the Reflect Daily point. Taking the time to look at what you’ve achieved for the day. Or taking the time to work out what you didn’t achieve and how to get there maybe tomorrow… Also, what about Expressing Gratitude? I don’t do this enough. I’m going to start to do that more often. I have a friend who writes on her Facebook page everyday about something she’s grateful for and I actually love to see what it’s going to be. Such a good idea.

As we wind down for the year, I can’t help but think of all the cool things I want to do next year. My sister and I need to come back together and start working on projects together. We need to  be back together as a team. I need to grow my blog and I need to teach more classes because they are such fun and are so inspiring (even if you’re the teacher!). Learning from others is very fulfilling!

What’s something that’s got you inspired at the moment?

Have a great day! I’m off to put the air conditioner on already! KC.

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  • Something Gorgeous says:

    Need some inspiration at the moment. Like the gratitude thing, perhaps that’s a good place to start?

    • Katrina Chambers says:

      I think I’ll try it too!

  • Belinda Lee Milne says:

    Finding it hard with one of my businesses to interact and get inspiration but we are persisting and fighting

    • Katrina Chambers says:

      Keep at it lovely. X

  • Erin Drummond says:

    Love the infographic. Definitely going to be following this, and hope to stay motivated and persist with my (very slow moving) blog.

    • Katrina Chambers says:

      Always takes a little time. Stick with it! X