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Smell Hacks

Do you ever walk in to someone’s home and think it smells soooo good?! I am a real sucker for nice smells. My sense of smell has heightened since being a mother.

I could honestly say I am almost on par with a hound dog, or one of those dogs at the airport. I am deadly serious.

I can sniff anything out. I will say “what’s that smell?” at least 5 times a day. I had never really thought about that until lately. I decided to become conscious of how many times I say it and I have found myself laughing every time. My husband brought it to my attention as he said it was getting on his nerves.

When my boys were toddlers they could walk into the room after being somewhere undetected in the house and I could sniff bubble bath from metres away. Yep, then I’d find the whole bottle splattered all over the bath!

I am the best at sniffing clothes. I am sure that is dirty, but did I wash that? Has he worn that? Why is that t-shirt on the floor? Oh, ok, I’ll sniff it. Mothers would know that kids that can dress themselves can randomly change their clothes 3 times a day.

What’s that smell in the car? Yep, there is a banana under the seat.

Who ate my lollies? No-one you say? Ok, then let me sniff you.

I live in a house with 4 males and 2 inside dogs, so I do have to keep on top of any potent smells. There is also nothing worse than waking up, walking in to the kitchen and being able to smell last night’s dinner. FOUL.

Today I went looking for some home remedy smell hacks we can all try. Yeah sure, we can light a candle (which costs $40!), or buy a scented plugin, but it’s nice to be able to find cheap and easy ways to make your home smell fresh and deodorised.

Come and see…

Clip a car diffuser to your heating/cooling vents – this photo below shows floor vents, but you could totally hang one from the ceiling. I am trying this one for sure!


Make your own carpet deodoriser – mix together Borax (optional), baking soda and a few drops of your fave essential oil, then sprinkle on your carpets (or even mattresses), leave for a few minutes and vacuum up. Any nasty lingering smells will be gone.


Burn some coffee beans – this is so easy! Chuck some beans in a jar, place a tealight candle in the middle and the warmth from the candle will release a natural coffee/vanilla scent.


Make your own room spray – there are some tricky variations of these on Pinterest, but the easiest is just lemon/lime, and some herbs like rosemary and mint, mixed in with water.


Take the smell out of your towels – we’ve all been there! Left the towels in the machine for too long and then realise they stink when you go to use them. Of course you can rewash but sometimes that smell lingers for a while. Just add some vinegar and baking soda to your machine wash and done!


Put the leftover candle in your car – not sure what to do what little bit of candle? Pop it in your car for a fresh smell (of course don’t light it!).


Toilet smells? Ok this one might be a little OTT, but if you don’t want to put smelly candles or those little Air Wick Fragrance blocks in your loo, but still want to mask those yucky toilet smells, then put a few drops of an oil on the inside of your toilet roll.


There you go! You now have a few smell hacks you might like to try? Have you got any good ones I should know about?

♥ KC.


  1. Rebecca

    2 November

    I put used up diffusers in my bin drawer and linen cupboard until they lose their smell. The bin drawer smells great when its pushed shut!

  2. Deborah O'Brien

    2 November

    I put my empty essential oil bottles with the lid off in cupboards and drawers and a pouch of concentrated fabric softener thrown under the car seat works well!

  3. Katrina Messervy

    2 November

    I’ve done the rosemary, lemon and vanilla and it was so nice. This link shows even more. As for the toilet, the power of a lit match, post drop off can never be underrated

  4. Nicole Gray

    2 November

    I wipe the door frames with lemongrass oil, smells great when you walk in and out of a room

  5. Jody

    5 November

    I live in a house of boys and they call me “dog nose”!!! so I can totally relate to being able to sniff out all and every smell.
    Another trick I read (and it works and is cheap) is to buy those small fabric softener pouches and leave one in your car. Last for ages and smells great when I get in the car.

  6. Chrissie Taylor

    16 November

    I diffuse Doterra oils daily. NOTE essential oils should never be ‘burned’ only diffused. I put oils on the filter in both my vaccum cleaners, I put essential oils in my mop bucket. I love The Aromatherapy Co sprays. I have the Chef’s Room Spray (Threapy Kitchen) which is a mandarin, mint and basil. The smell of fried meat makes me sick. Especially the next day :/ I spray the Adairs bed linen sprays in the bedrooms of a night. they knock my daughter out!! I can’t stand the smell of toilet sprays, so I have a Natio room spray in the toilet. It dosen’t have a strong chemical smell like aerosoles tend to have.

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