Sleeping Baby Boy

Have a look at my little nephew hahaha!!! Isn’t he beautiful?? He is snoozing with no wrap..nothing! Can you even spot him in the top photo? He is tiny!

We know that his big sister would never ever do this, so we think this photo is truly precious 🙂


  • The Rose Room

    I thought he was a stripey cushion in the first photo – lol!! He really is a beautiful boy! Rachaelxo

  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Awwwwwwwww Makes me want 10 more…Sort of?
    What a little hunny!

  • Alison

    If that suit had a hood we would have thought he was another little pillow or blanket. Oh so sweet.

  • Sarah

    First off, LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog do!
    Secondly what a fab baby to sleep with no wrap or being snuggled to sleep.

  • Debbie in Nashville

    Awww! And he matches your couch and cushions so well. Too cute!

  • shabbydreaming

    aww what a cutie pie, and NUP I didnt even spot him in the top picture! Enjoy him they arent little for long!! Scary!
    have a great weekend!!

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