Shopping for 8-12 year old boys this Christmas?

Howdy! I was asked last week about some top shopping picks for boys (seeing as I have 3 of the little monkeys!). Here’s some of my ideas for boys aged 8-12 years old…

  1. Flat hat – my boys love these ugly looking things!
  2. Table Tennis – we got one last year and they still love it. We put it away from time to time though because they go through phases.
  3. RoboFish – don’t ask! My little kid is desperate for these even though he’s too old for them, but they’re better than looking after the real thing! Haha.
  4. Electric Scooter – 2 of mine want these. Their cousins are getting them too so it should be an interesting Christmas Day!
  5. Lego – can never have enough of this.
  6. T-shirt – easy stocking filler.
  7. Ice Watch – my eldest got this last year. The colours are great!
  8. Beats by Dr Dre – no, no-one is getting these this year, maybe next year! They’re cool though.
  9. Water speakers – one child has this on his list.
  10. Wallet – I thought this was a good easy idea.
  11. Guess Who? – who doesn’t love this game?
  12. Mini ipad cover – if your kids have the mini-iPad then these cases look great.

Hope that gives you a few ideas! I’m away for a few days now, so back on Sunday. See you soon! X

PS. Here’s some more Top Shopping ideas too.

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