Serious questions today….

 1. How far away should your coffee table be from your lounge/s? Should you be able to sit and reach it at all times? What if this doesn’t work for your room? Can you let it just float out there?
2. Indoor plants? Yes or No? If yes, what types? And can there just be too many? Where do you put them?
Your opinions are appreciated! And if you have never left a comment before, please do, I would love to know who you are!!
Today I am at home with 2 of my boys who are happily playing together. So I am flopping on the lounge watching Austar and burning some nice smelling candles in the background while I pig out on last night’s leftovers 🙂
Hope you are having a good day.


  • brismod

    Yes, to indoor plants but used sparingly. Orchids are always a winner for most decors.

  • Anna

    To be honest darling..Im not big on coffee tables anymore..if I were to still have one..I would go a square or round shape and low lying …I now prefer more side tables…and just pull them out when needed. But yeah..I suppose it should be reachable…but I dont think it would matter if it wasnt.
    Yes, love indoor plants…in huge modern pots…I think the key is to spend money on some good sized hearty nice pots and use them in areas of the house that need a lift of colour or vibrancy.
    I love a plant called " Mother inlaws tongue" dont know the official botanical name for it.
    Also happy plants are lovely…and certain palms. Otherwise I always go a fresh bunch of flowers.
    Hope this helps?

  • Julie-Ann

    I think I coffee table needs to be within a reachable distance whilst sitting on the sofa. But it also needs to be far enough away to prevent my MIL from putting her feet up on it -arrggh.
    I love plants in a room. It brings life to the space. There are some excellent quality silk plants available now that you could use. Just don't have too many that you feel like your living in a forest – then you know you have gone too far lol

  • Jane

    I think if you have to have a coffee table it must be within reach. it so happens my husband is allergic to them (no seriously he loathes them and won't let me have them) – gives everything a spare minimalist look.

    I love the tree in that second pic – I wonder whether a tree like that could actually survive inside?

  • Tina

    Hi Katrina:) We have a coffee table mostly to fill the big hole that would be in our living space if we didn't have one. It really isn't in reach of our couches and I am thinking of buying a larger square one that has drawers for storage:) As for plants, love them indoors and in our experience, most of them live really well if you give them a spell outside every now and then. – Tina 🙂

  • Alison

    Mmmmmm indoor plants seem a little like the 80's to me.
    Coffee table just far enough away from my couch/sofa so I can put my feet up on the edge!!LOL

  • MelsRosePlace

    I must admit that i like the coffee table to be within reach for "a coffee" or snack if no one is looking. Must admit i do put my feet on it too from time to time..again, when no one is looking LOL. Re the plants, i am not a fan HOWEVER hubby works in the indoor plant industry and we dont have any in the house. Just another bloody thing to look after IM0 – we have more than enough green to look at outside! Mel xxx

  • Lyn

    Hi Katrina,
    Love your blog and your 'keepin it real' approach! Very refreshing!
    I have asked myself the very same questions……re coffee table: normally about 60cms from seating to allow passage between it and the furniture. If your family always find themselves putting their feet on the table, give in to it and get a generous sized ottoman instead. Put your pretties and drinks on a large tray or smaller side tables.
    Plants: I think rooms can look more 'alive' with plants. Definitely the sculptural effect of orchids cant be underestimated and I like to introduce a larger plant specimen to highlight the rooms vertical proportion and soften an unused corner.
    Just remember the pot should be one third of the plant's height.
    xx Lyn (LINI) (Tassie)

  • Lisa

    Katrina, need my two cents worth re the indoor plant thing…what about an orchid? Lovely long green leaves and very simple looking (like an agapanthus type leaf) the foliage is just stunning. Otherwise I am not a huge fan of indoor plants. There you are my 2c worth – Have a great day. Lisa

  • Sarah

    I say yes to coffee tables & yes to being close enough to reach to put your coffe & biscuits on.
    I am on the fence for the indoor plants thing, good luck with it.
    Sarah x

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