2 x holes in the wall, 1 x hole in a friend’s wall, 100 x dishwasher tablets…


1. 2 x holes in the wall

2. 1 x hole in a friend’s wall

3. Lost 3 x good cricket balls

4. Carpets need shampooing

5. 100 x dishwasher tablets are gone

6. The toilet has been over-powered by that urine smell

7. 1 x pump bottle of sunscreen has been used

8. Maccas saw us every second day for slushies or 30 cent cones (then we got clever and started going to Hungry Jacks for the $1 frozen cokes)

9. I will buy a pallet load of bandaids for next holidays

10. Husband’s toolbox has been scattered through the garage

11. All their Summer clothes are wrecked and stained

12. I have more grey hair

13. I am totally broke

Last day of school holidays, I can do it…

How did you go? Did you get through them relatively unscathed?




  • Penny

    Haha all so true,
    No holes in the walls here though!
    Mine head off today.
    One a yr 11, another a yr 8 and my baby is grade 5.

    • Katrina (author)

      Time flies! Year 11!

  • Sarah B

    Oh that’s funny Katrina. School holidays are a lot more peacful for us non-kid families me thinks! Those poor walls 🙂

  • debbie

    Mine went back yesterday. Grade one, prep and kindy. I cried from closing chapters, growing up and feeling like Im no longer required. I then hyperventilated as I walked out of the school with happiness..yet oddly I cant wait for the next set of holidays..where once again I will be broke, tired and immensely happy.

    • Katrina (author)

      I am a little sad this arvo too. They aren’t naughty kids at all, just busy and messy. I will miss them. X

  • Deb

    One more sleep and the treadmill starts again. I love having the kids home but can’t wait for a tidy and declutter! I am afraid I will probably overcompensate today with too much computer time and super highs. Looking forward to the Easter hols already.

    • Katrina (author)

      That’s all I need – a tidy and declutter and I’m fresh again!

  • Anita

    Hahahaha very funny post. The end actually crept up on me so I had a nice surprise 🙂 the kids are happier to be back than I was to have them back lol and that’s sayin something. One year to go and the last will a kindy. I think ill start planning a big party now. I must now concentrate on the one who’s just gotten into uni and make sure he stays there. Don’t need any flying back to the coop!!

  • Renee

    sounds like our school holidays, bar the hole in the wall. so thankful for school going back!!!

    • Katrina (author)


  • Niki

    Hiliarious. Yes to all of the above. Absolutely a lot like what holidays with boys looks like. Plus a few fist fights over our way. I waved a few wooden spoons too. Seriously one of these days I am actually going to use one. HA, Love Niki.

    • Katrina (author)

      Same! Oh I am the best at threatening with my thong!! HAHA!

  • Lucy

    Hmm… one hole in the wall of our brand new house – even worse, it happened during time out and I think I know the identity of the offending child. Must get spakfilla, stat!

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahaha, I love when they all say they don’t know what happened!

  • Cathy

    Ha! I hear you loud and clear! Plus constant fighting…I just tweeted that I think they are well and truly ready to go back to school tomorrow!

    • Katrina (author)

      Mine need a break from their crazy nagging mother!

  • Judie

    Today was the last first-day-back for me. Eldest is in Yr 12. Just got to get him through the HSC.

  • Clare

    Haha!! No school kids in this house anymore…… Next phase 😉

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