Saturday rest day

After a solid few weeks of someone being sick in our house (kids and then me!), today I am having a rest day. That never happens on a Saturday here because we are usually full to the brim with sport. But last night I got a message to say the AFL carnival my boys were playing in got cancelled. Normally I don’t cheer because the kids need to be busy, but I did cheer when I got that message!

Last night, I tucked myself up in bed at 7.30pm knowing that I didn’t have to wake to do a thing this morning. I started watching Grace and Frankie on Netflix. That is so funny and I love that light-hearted feel! Have you seen it? Then I dozed off and didn’t hear anyone else in the family go to bed, only to wake 11 hours later. Must have needed that!

Today I am taking it easy in my pj’s. My husband said he’d even go to the shops to get food. YES! When you’re a Mum and sick it’s hard to put yourself first. It rarely happens. You just soldier on. I came out of hospital and hit the ground running. We had school, footy carnivals, training, and work. But today I can catch up, sip coffee and listen to Smooth FM. Plus the antibiotics I am still on makes me feel so queasy! Oh, and I got some new black taps for my bathrooms so my husband said he’d help me with those, can’t wait. See a photo of those here.

I know that’s a very clean kitchen photo above that I took this morning. I will say that my boys all do help out when I need it. I am lucky. But so they should. I’ve been sick on and off for 20 years so they know the drill and try to help where they can (except for the freaking washing – they wash it, but never put it away so there are 16 piles for me to sort through!).

Tomorrow we do have a sport day. It’s semi-finals time, so I will be looking forward to a day watching my kids play. Hope you have a great weekend. ♥ KC.

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