Safari adventure to Leeton

Tomorrow I am supposed to be in Leeton as a guest of a house auction run by Jumpstart. I spoke about it before here.

I will be there with Andrew Winter from Selling Houses Australia (tv show on Lifestyle channel) and have been really excited about it. However, the floods have meant the event could be cancelled.

But as of last night, it looks like it’s still happening. I was meant to be taking the whole family over, but we’ve decided it would be best just for me to go. I am very lucky and have a driver picking me up. But this is what I think is funny – the driver will be in a huge 4WD and because some of the main roads are closed, we’ll have to get in to Leeton via back roads. So it’s going to be a bit of a safari adventure!

I may need gumboots in case we get stuck…

I will report back next week as to whether we made it or not!

Edit – she’s definitely on! I’m going early in the morning. I will be tweeting and instagraming all day! Will be fun. Will I wear leopard print?


  • Kimberly

    My gumboots would certainly make a fashion, hotpink trim with bright pokadots!! 🙂 Have fun, enjoy the safari adventure!

  • Jode

    Good Luck Treen, I hope you get through all the floods, with out the use of your gumboots.

    I hope you still can raise a heap of cash for Jumpstart, despite the floods.

    x Jode

  • Samantha

    Oh good luch Katrina, I love to watch that show.

  • Kira

    Best of luck in getting there safely! I love the look of that house!

  • Kathleen

    It seems that you’ll definitely have a great trip ahead of you. Just remember to hang on to whatever looks sturdy enough once you hit the back roads.

  • penny barns

    Make sure you do a blog of the trip over to Leeton.
    i would live to see what the roads look like from Collingullie through to Leeton.
    Pen x

    • Katrina (author)

      I’m going a back way apparently, but you know I’ll have the phone in hand for pics!

  • Penny

    Ooh I love Andrew winter. He’s on my thinking woman’s crumpet list.

    • Katrina (author)

      What is a thinking woman’s crumpet list??

  • Cate Pearce

    Awesome, we have been Andrew Winter fans for years. Basically, we are Lifestyle channel junkies. Hope it’s fun and your toes stay dry 🙂

  • Emily

    Hope you enjoy our lovely town 🙂

  • Kazza

    I’m in love with the circle print on the feature wall…I want one.
    PS – also love animal print shirt xx

    • Emily

      Hi Kazza, the interior decorations was completed actually by a Narrandera Lady…she has a store called “Juadine” 🙂

      • Kazza

        Thank you Emily – I might try & contact her :)…I need some prints for my wall in my lounge room

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