Tomorrow I am supposed to be in Leeton as a guest of a house auction run by Jumpstart. I spoke about it before here.

I will be there with Andrew Winter from Selling Houses Australia (tv show on Lifestyle channel) and have been really excited about it. However, the floods have meant the event could be cancelled.

But as of last night, it looks like it’s still happening. I was meant to be taking the whole family over, but we’ve decided it would be best just for me to go. I am very lucky and have a driver picking me up. But this is what I think is funny – the driver will be in a huge 4WD and because some of the main roads are closed, we’ll have to get in to Leeton via back roads. So it’s going to be a bit of a safari adventure!

I may need gumboots in case we get stuck…

I will report back next week as to whether we made it or not!

Edit – she’s definitely on! I’m going early in the morning. I will be tweeting and instagraming all day! Will be fun. Will I wear leopard print?