Rugby League, our kids are the future


If you follow Rugby League you would have heard about the disgraceful behaviour by some fans after a wrong decision was given by the referees during the Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs game on Friday. I was watching…

In short, Souths were awarded a late penalty after the video ref’s reviewed some footage of a late tackle by a Bulldogs player. The penalty gave the Rabbitohs an 18-17 victory and the Bulldogs fans’ were livid. They were so angry to the point where two individuals decided to throw bottles at the referees as they were leaving the ground – one ref fell and broke his shoulder. This ref had been in training for 6 months to compete in an iron man competition, so his plans have been halted.

I watch a lot of footy. I grew up watching Rugby League. My Dad is mad about the sport. I have always loved it. My husband loves it too. My 3 boys play it and I help run our local footy club. We go to a few live games a year and I enjoy it. My kids also play AFL and cricket. We love team sport. My eldest kid has been selected in a GWS Giants Development squad, so we live and breathe any kind of footy.

I was really annoyed at the actions of those Bulldogs fans’… I am a Mum to three boys who idolise the game. But I don’t want them to be exposed to such aggression and selfishness. I agree that the ref’s got the call wrong. I think they were off the mark there. I can’t understand why two video ref’s also got it wrong… But I am more concerned with the behaviour the fans showed. I huffed and puffed about the decision and my husband went on and on about it for ages. BUT he didn’t want to get up and throw something or assault anyone.

I heard two men yesterday (who unpack the frozen food in the supermarket) talking about it in a not-so-nice manner and a lady in her 60’s told them to be careful with what they were saying as they were being aggressive and she did not want to overhear that while she was shopping. I smirked – because she was so right.

I’m also annoyed that Rugby League in general displays this kind of behavior. My kids are watching and they will be the future of the sport, so why is it necessary for people to feel so much hate and anger when in reality it’s just sport? It’s supposed to be about your team and supporting them (even in the good and the bad).

What if I told my kids it was ok to throw a huge tantrum when something didn’t go their way? What if my husband starting throwing things around when he was unhappy with a decision?

What a joke. And so these Bulldogs fans’ should be arrested. Did they not think that kids and families would be watching too? It’s been replayed on tv over and over.

I know we can get caught up in the moment in many things in life. We can display all sorts of terrible attitudes when we become unhappy. It doesn’t just have to be about sport. But kids only know what they know because they’ve seen it – witnessed it by adults.

C’mon Rugby League, sort that out. Show the kids you mean it when you say “they won’t be welcome at our club”. We don’t want our kids following their lead and before we know it the whole team sport thing becomes ugly.

Food for thought today as it’s been annoying me for days, I just had to vent. ♥ KC.


  • Seana - Sydney, Kids, Food + Travel

    Totally agree! My boys are all fans and we watch a lot and Mr8 plays like a maniac. They really love their heroes on the field, so I have been distraught when they are less than gentlemanly in their actions.

    So bad that the fans were so dimwitted and aggressive, I’m sure they will face the consequences of their actions.

    Got to say that the families on the sidelines are great where we play – very proud of our behaviour and of the boys on the field.

    • Katrina (author)

      I’m proud too. My boys only see good behaviour here. We always try to make our club a family club. A shock to see it on the tv then!

  • Michelle Reinders

    Well said Katrina! I live and breathe footy too along with my husband and two boys. We go to a few home games a year too and what I find absolutely disgusting is the home crowd booing the opposition when they come on the field, get a try or kick for goal. It’s embarrassing and a disgusting display of bad sportsmanship. My boys never do it and always comment and say how bad it is and why do people do it. I have no answer for them because I just don’t understand it. There are far too many ‘fans’ who take it way too far, I’m just glad I’m my boys won’t ever be like that.

  • Jalina Cleverly

    The players are paid far too much, as u said it’s just a sport, they’re not curing cancer! Also those bottles were thrown from the Bulldogs members area! I’m a 40ish year old Bulldogs fan but I’m considering changing teams simply b/c the so called “fans” are just plain stupid and ruining the fun for everyone

  • Sally Eccleston

    If you read the papers the Refs decision was spot on. The Bulldogs fans behaviour though was unforgivable and they should be sought out and banned for life.

  • Jules Baird

    Well said Katrina!

  • Shari Chapman

    Wasn’t a player also aggressive? Excuse my ignorance as I avoid Rugby League at all costs so I have only seen what has been on the news. I’m sure there are some decent players but there are so many idiots that it taints the whole sport. Too many knocks to the head maybe? I agree they are paid too much and a lot are terrible role models who shouldn’t be idolised.
    The fans behaviour was also disgraceful.
    I’m very glad we are not a Football family. It is definitely a game I would hope my son won’t show any interest in.

  • Nicole @ The Builders Wife

    Absolutely right! The biggest issue I think, is that those type of people, simply don’t think. Well said. xx

  • Deborah Campbell

    This sort of reaction happens way too often to many things in life now.Throw a bottle, pull a knife, coward punch some one. While our technology and media access has the benefit to help catch these people it can also keep the situation inflamed.

  • Wendy Brewer

    Sorry Katrina but the ref got it right, the Bulldogs captain is also such a thug i hope he gets penalised. I disagree with what the fans did, it was disgraceful. But as an avid rabbitohs supporter, I do agree there was some calls a bit dodgy but not the last one.

  • Maureen

    Well said Katrina, I love seeing the photos of your boys at their games and supporting the Melbourne Storm. That club would have three of the best role models for the game ever! I have been supporting the West Tigers (previously Balmain) for nearly 60 years, so you can imagine how I felt last week when the captain was booed for deciding to move on next season. There are always a crazy few, in all codes, who spoil it for everyone.

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