Ring Video Doorbell

I’ve just set up the new Ring™ Video Doorbell at my house. Have you seen them advertised on TV or via Facebook? They’ve been popping up all over the place lately and I was keen to give it a go! The lovely team at Ring sent one over to me. The sleek, modern doorbell comes in various different colours to blend in to your home including Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Antique Brass and Venetian Bronze, making it the perfect accessory for your front door. I chose the Satin Nickel to match my front door furniture.

I found it very simple to set up. So basically you link it to an app on your phone and your home Wi-Fi with a few easy steps and you’ll be up and running in no time! The doorbell has a camera, two-way audio system, motion detection and night vision, which means you can answer the door via your phone if you’re out and about! So cool. If the delivery guys drops by you can answer and tell him to leave it at your door. BUT you can also protect your house full of precious valuables from burglars all via the ring mobile app on your smartphone.

Ring records videos and stores them in the cloud, so you can capture any unwanted visitors. Perfect for the Christmas break if you’re heading away on holidays and concerned about anyone lurking around.


That’s me! Ringing my own door bell so you can see.

A couple of things I am loving…

  • It has a door chime which plugs in to my kitchen and it works like a regular door bell (so if I’m not home it’ll ring inside the house for the rest of the family).
  • The chime will also go off when there is general movement out the front. So this is a good safety measure.
  • I will always know when someone is at my house because the app keeps a record and let’s me know if anyone is out the front.
  • Runs off the internal battery, or connects to existing doorbell wiring for non-stop power.
  • Weather-resistant design prevents damage by rain, sleet, snow or heat.

Learn more at www.ring.com

I was gifted this item.


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