Reunited with The Block gang

Amie and I headed off to Melbourne for a few days to catch up with ‘The Block’ gang AND meet the new suckers contestants for 2012. Wow! They were exhausted and hadn’t slept. I knew how they were feeling. But, we giggled as we breezed in all fresh faced and stress-free! We we also got to see their houses. Amazing! Of course, I can’t tell you any more (party pooper hey?). 😉

A bit of hanging out.

The crew. The big JIB (camera on a crane) in the background.

The best bit about living in a country area is that there is only usually 1 flight out of Wagga to Melbourne on a Saturday. This meant I HAD to take the 7.30am flight… a whole day of shopping was then had…. We shopped and ate and shopped and ate… We weren’t required for ‘duties’ until Sunday. So we relaxed and chilled out with some Chumps.

Following the gathering with the new blockheads, we had a little party. Here is Amie and I all frocked up. Now you’ll have to watch the show to see us all together!


Oh, and I got to meet Giaan Rooney. Nicest gal eva!


I’ll be back tomorrow to draw the winners of my competitions.


  • Something Gorgeous

    You both look like you had a lovely time. Looking forward to the new series of The Block. x

  • Penny

    How exciting to be back in front of the camera. Love The Block and can’t wait for it to start. Is it finished filming by the time we all get to watch it. How does it work?

    • Katrina (author)

      It’s already done Penny. Filming has finished. Houses are done!

  • Jo

    Ahhhhh, you are killing me! Can’t wait until it starts again. And neither can my girls. Looks like you had a fantastic weekend. And I see you made it to Kikki K ?

  • Jode

    How long do we have to wait to see your gorgeous mug on the telly again???
    You both look amazing in your ‘frocks’, love your shoes too! Hot Mummas!
    Glad that they called you and Amie back to do something for the next season, maybe a guest host spot next year???
    Just entered your comps, not sure how I missed those!
    Have a great day.
    x Jode

    • Katrina (author)

      Not for a little bit Jode! A few months 😉 I’ll let you know! X

  • deb

    Oh its like seeing photos of old friends. Thanks for sharing. Hope you managed to fill the spare time, Hee hee.

  • Natasha Burns

    Looking great girls!!! Looking forward to seeing what you all got frocked up for.
    When does the new season air?
    Oh and I MUST learn how to do that reply to a comment on the blog thing – can my blog do it Katrina?
    Catch you another time you’re in Melbourne town, when you’re less busy! I’ve got a new place to show you for lunch xxx

    • Katrina (author)

      Yes it can Natasha – just make sure you comment form is embedded in the post below – settings – comments. Show will air in a few months 🙂

  • Jay

    How fantastic are those dresses, Katrina?! Both yourself and Amie look fabulous! I hope you had a fantastic, stress-free weekend and it must be nice to revisit The Block and look at it from a totally different (non-bleary eyed) perspective.

  • Scandi Coast Home

    Did you get to see the finished places on the inside???
    You lucky things……….. well, I guess you earned it!!!
    Tania Maree ;o)
    PS. You both look lovely!

    • Katrina (author)

      Of course 😉

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