How to remove the brown ring around your bathroom sink

Not a very glamours post today! But there has been a brown ring around my bathroom sink which has been really annoying me. I tried bleach and jiff, but it just wouldn’t budge. I then tried vinegar, then vinegar plus bi-carb soda but it still wouldn’t go. I read somewhere that bleach can set the ring with the chlorine, so I was annoyed and thought I’d totally ruined my sinks. Then I got drastic. I needed to fix it and researched some more clever people on Pinterest and they told me Hydrogen Peroxide and Bi-Carb would do it. I was ready to try anything.

I had the hydrogen peroxide already at home because I use it to white my teeth every now and then. See that blog post here!

Steps: I poured the peroxide gently around the ring, sprinkled on the bi-carb, left for half an hour (I kept checking it because I didn’t want to discolour the chrome plug but all was ok), scrubbed a fair bit, then I repeated it all and slowly it starting budging! Hooray.

It’s the small things people… 😉 #crazycleaninglady

Have you tried this before? Got any super dooper cleaning tricks I need to know about?

♥ KC.

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  • Katrina Messervy says:

    I washed all of our outside windows with cold water and Palmolive and they came up a treat

  • Chrissie Taylor says:

    Best stuff I’ve ever used is the Eco paste from Aldi when it comes in stock which isn’t often.
    It’s one of the best products when stacked up agains Jiff and Gumption.
    Thanks for this tip
    I’ll give mine a go with your remedy

  • Stephanie says:

    Where did you get your plant pot from and what kind of a plant is in it?