Remember that feeling when you went to school in the wrong uniform?

Remember that feeling when you went to school in the wrong uniform? Well this happened my little kindy kid, Chevy, last week.

He said he thought his sport day had changed from Thursday, but he wasn’t sure. I knew they were changing sport activities (ie. from gym to dancing) that day, but I thought it was still sports uniform day. He was so unsure and thought there might be note left in his tub. I rang another Mum and she thought it was still sports uniform day (but they are in another class, so there was a slight chance we could still be wrong). In the end he decided he was happy to wear his sports uniform and off we went…

We pulled up at the school gates and he spotted 1 kid from his class who had his proper uniform on. The tears started and I told him to calm down – we’ll go home and change.

So we did.

BUT we still got it wrong.

We arrived back at the school just after the bell had gone and I walked him to his class. Chevy and the 1 kid he spotted are the ONLY 2 kids with their proper uniforms on. It was in fact still sports day.

Chevy turned pale and his lip was quivering. I said it’s ok, let me talk to the teacher. Luckily his teacher was quick enough to say it was her fault and she should have explained it better. He was fine wearing that uniform and he looked lovely…

Behind me a mother walked up with her child also in the proper uniform. She said “Oh, no, it IS sports day, I put it in the car just in case…”


The moral to the story is: if your child is unsure which uniform day it is, PUT IT IN YOUR CAR!

Dumb, blonde bimbo I am… Ha!

But luckily, he was smiling when I left and that’s all that mattered.

Did you ever have this happen to you? Did you get the dress code wrong when you were a kid? Or even as an adult?!

I hated that feeling…


  • A-M

    My little one is so damn lazy, he used to just pick up his big brother’s size 16 school shirt if it was the closest. When tucked in, the shirt hung out below the hems of his shorts and he looked like he was wearing a parachute. He didn’t care! … And I didn’t know until I’d see him walking towards me at the end of the school day! I know what the other Mothers thought! Glad I left the school! Xx

  • Jayde

    yes so many times…feel so sorry for them when they go without me (walk or ride to school) and i find out later that they were meant to have sports or mufti on, the poor kids have had to stay in it all day. We have also made many trips home to get changed cause of the saga of seeing others walking into school different…mufti gets us everytime and its so not fair when u don’t get the note!!!

  • Deb

    My big boy did that for free dress day at college. He was mortified. Instead of just calling and telling me. He faked a headache. It took the morning for my Mummy radar to pick up he was faking.

  • LisaW

    Yes, I’m the mother who forgets when mufti day is on, and sends them in full school uniform!! Oh, and once (or twice) we’ve forgotten to actually take the school bag to school. Mother of the year nominations are still open…

  • Miss Gingham

    When I was at school we didn’t have mufti days so I didn’t know what it meant. Need I say more?

  • Chantelle

    We had just moved to a new town so it was my first day at my new high school so you can imagine how mortified I was to realize my mum had been sold the wrong uniform and I was wearing the uniform for the public school not the catholic high school I was attending. Needless to say when I walked into my class room I just wanted the earth to swallow me up!

    • Katrina (author)

      OH NO!!!!!!!

  • Carly

    Oh this one I feel. Last week Piper’s pre school had dress up day and for some reason I was convinced it was for UAE National day and she needed to be in the colours of the United Arab Emirates flag. Unfortunately it was Middle East traditional dress and all the other little girls had little kaftan’s and burka dresses. I felt terrible for the entire day but she seemed to have shrugged it off by the time I picked her up.
    I have now put a big calendar in the house where I can mark everything clearly that is sent home form school.

  • Emily

    I remember pretending I was sick when my winter uniform hadn’t arrived in time for the first day of term 2. I didn’t want to be the only person in summer uniform.

    Mum saw right through my ‘sickness’ but let me stay home anyway.

    When I got to school the next day, I learnt that every girl in my class had worn summer uniform the day before because the entire uniform delivery had been late!

  • KL

    I am guilty of sleeping in late one morning and in a crazy rush to get my girls to school got a speeding fine. Walking them in, I found the school locked….it was Saturday. Eeeek!
    x KL

  • Michelle Hayward

    You know what, as parents there are so many ways we can stuff it up! So many opportunities to NOT get it right. And boy aren’t we are own worst critics. We feel sick, we berate ourselves, we pay for days and nights, can’t sleep, tears and tantrums (and that’s not even the kids lol)… It’s a hard gig. We can’t remember or KNOW everything! I’ve forgotten carnivals, special assemblies and so on over the years. It hits me in the heart hard every time. But do we pat ourselves on the back a little bit when we get it right? Do we fist pump for being awesome, just occasionally?? I bet we don’t! There’s always a focus on the negative. I’ve been a good one for it over the years. We hate to let our kids down and it hurts (where it should) when we do! But you know what, they won’t remember that…they’ll remember ‘Mummy loved me!’ x

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