doTerra Wellness Oils


I am not just someone who decided to jump in to the wellness space just because. I am someone who has lived some pretty disgusting illness symptoms for 22 years, I now wear a colostomy bag and am trying to feel well again. Come and read how doTERRA is actually helping. READ MORE ABOUT THAT HERE. These little oils are changing my life! My entire family is on board with them too. If you want to email me to chat about them feel free, or if you already know what you want read below on how to buy them.





doTERRA is an online thing (or a little like a party plan if you know someone already selling them). But it’s not hard to just start buying them yourself. You don’t need a person to go to all the time to order oils.

Buy one-off

If you want to just try an oil as a one-off then you simply go to the SHOP tab here.

Save 25% off every time you order

  • Set up your own account by selecting JOIN & SAVE here and choose WHOLESALE CUSTOMER.
  • Be sure to add the $35 ‘Introductory Kit’ which is your yearly membership that will unlock your 25% discount.
  • Then you are free to order as you like, no gimmicks, no minimum orders.


  1. Most people do buy the HOME STARTER KIT. You will use every single one of these oils! I promise. You get the diffuser in this too and the $35 wholesale fee is already included. It will cost $330 wholesale, or $440 without the wholesale. So that’s a huge saving! You don’t have to buy this kit though, you can just start with one or two oils.
  2. THEN, after you’ve signed you should set up an LRP monthly order. It’s like Fly-buys or Linen Lovers from Adairs. The reason WHY you should do this (but you don’t have to) is because you will receive points (even $$ commission) plus free stuff. That monthly order needs to be about $120 per month. And you can change any oils in there at any time. You can use it to add a friend’s oil here and there. So if you have someone who just wants to try an oil then use YOUR monthly order. My friend got $280 worth of free oils last month!
  3. I also bought a really cool app called Modern Essentials. It’s a light blue colour with a white flower on it. It is so handy because all you do it type in what’s wrong and it will tell you what to use so you know what to order next!