The Pinterest 100 – top trends to try in 2018

Each year Pinterest releases data gathered from all the pins across their top categories based on global data giving us an insight in to what might be HOT for 2018. Categories include food, fashion, beauty, parenting, home design, travel, celebrations, wellness and hobbies. Of course I was interested to see what the interior design world was loving…

Interior designers say decorating a home is personal and evolves over time. This notion that design is never done, keeps Pinners coming back. With over 14 billion ideas, home continues to grow with a 75% increase in Pins year over year. Pinners are thinking big and small, from full renos to stylish accents, and spend 27% more on decor than people who don’t use Pinterest.

Here are some big ideas from the home design category –

  • Resort-inspired style – bathrooms with plants, rattan, fancy bath products, natural wood.
  • Metallics – mirrors and mixed metals.
  • Terrazzo – goodbye marble, hello terrazzo!
  • A statement ceiling – think wallpaper or statement colours on the ceiling.
  • Bone inlay – I will never tire of this look.
  • Statement doors – coloured front doors are popular. I wrote about some here.
  • Patterned plants – indoor plants with patterns and textures.
  • Big wall art – huge posters and canvases are taking over the gallery wall.

[resort style bathroom pin]

[mixed metals in the kitchen pin]

[terrazzo love pin]

[painted ceiling pin]

[bone inlay pin]

[my house front door]

[indoor plants pin]

[big wall art pin]

I also wrote a blog post on what I predict to be HOT for 2018. You’ll find that here.

♥ KC.


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