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Australia’s quintessential lifestyle fragrance brand Palm Beach Collection is the creation of brother, sister duo Kirsten Walker and Mike Grey. Launched in September 2009, Palm Beach
Collection has gone onto become one of Australia’s most recognisable home lifestyle brands. Sharing a love of home fragrance and with their father having worked in the wax industry for many years, Kirsten and Mike saw the perfect opportunity to create their own home lifestyle range.

Kirsten and Mike’s entrepreneurial spirit and eye for detail are evident in every element of Palm Beach Collection, from the superior quality fragrances, gorgeous packaging, through to new product development and creative direction. Determined to remain current and yet true to the brand’s ethos, Kirsten and Mike are committed to actively evolving the Palm Beach Collection, constantly improving and refining to ensure their continued success.

Palm Beach Collection has perfected the fine art of creating fragrances to relax, uplift and inspire. Scent has the powerful ability to evoke memories –a single fragrance is enough to elicit feelings
and experiences of days gone by. Palm Beach Collection captures this, offering a sumptuous range candles and diffusers available in 14 distinct scents that reflect the collective Australian memory of a
relaxed and vibrant way of life.

Palm Beach Collection candles are made from soy-based wax which is hand poured into chic, glass jars. The candle range is available in three sizes: Deluxe for 180 hours burn time, Standard for 80 hours
burn time and the Mini for 12 hours burn time – perfect for travel. Depending on the size, each candle has one, two or three cotton wicks to ensure an even, clean burn every time, and comes with its own
matches for extra convenience. The diffuser set features a smooth, glass bottle, finished with a silver cap and rattan reeds to gently diffuse fragrance throughout your home for up to 5 months.

We’re excited to be sharing x3 Daisy Palm Beach Collection Candles with our readers!

All you have to do to enter is answer in the comments below “What is your favourite Palm Beach Collection scent as we head into the winter months?”


Giveaways are in accordance with our disclosure policy. Giveaway is based on skill. Closes 5pm May 20, 2014.

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  • Kristi says:

    I can’t go past the smell of lemongrass. Crisp and refreshing, with a reminder of warmer months!

  • Pam says:

    Pear and Cinnamon – I never get to do the baking that I mean to every winter, but at least my house can smell like it should.

  • Kerrie Moss says:

    Hard to go past Coconut and Lime,

    A tropical twist you can’t resist,

    It reminds me of the summertime,

    Being warm and sun kissed!

  • Rebekah Ballingall says:

    Cinnamon as its a sweet smell that warms the heart and house

  • Maria Varrica says:

    Pear and Cinnamon sounds warm, inviting and tasty!

  • scattley says:

    Ruby Grapefruit….that tang of citrus brings summer into the mountain winter.

  • JBMarigold says:

    As I wrap myself up against winter’s chills, PEAR AND CINNAMON is the ‘winter pudding comfort’ kind of fragrance that I want to be enveloped in!!

  • Monica Scurlock says:

    SWEET BASIL & CITRUS….the sweet basil oil will make the cold outdoors and hot indoors easier to handle. The citrus will be the hint of summer reminder!!

  • Charlotte says:

    Clove & sandalwood… the warm, earthy combination of sweet scents wraps me in a blanket during the cold months of Winter, the spiritual spiciness conjuring arid continents.

  • Clinton M says:

    I need to mentally transport my mind with Coconut and Lime to trick my body into thinking it’s really summer, I’m not shivering upon waking or putting on the dreaded winter weight!

  • Karen Mcdermott says:

    I am a brand new Palm Beach Collection customer, my first purchase is the Limited Edition Violet.I am burning this candle as I type.I am delighted with my purchase.The Violet candle is simply sublime, the fragrance reminds me of my Grandmother’s dressing table in the best possible way, to me Violet is powdery and floral.I’m in love!!

  • melanie whittle says:

    Clove and Sandalwood these scents just say winter to me earthy and comforting theres nothing better.

  • Catherine Tuckey says:

    Pear and Cinnamon – so good and delicious-smelling that I caught my toddler licking it (I assure you it was unlit!)

  • Karen Mcdermott says:

    Thankyou very much, I know I will love my prize.