Painted cross on a cushion with Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan

I have a new project for you! It’s a painted cross on a cushion using Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan (my blog sponsor). This is the easiest DIY you’ll ever do. I can’t claim the creativeness of this one… my girlfriend text me earlier this week and asked if I thought it would be a good idea to paint a cross on a cushion using chalk paint and did I have any websites I could show her for inspiration? I said that’s a brilliant idea and I was going to copy her haha! Thanks Penny!


I bought 2 very underwhelming cushions from Kmart for $5 each. They were very creased, so I ironed them, cut the tags off and got ready to slap on some paint. So, did you know Chalk Paint can also be painted on to fabric? It won’t peel or flake!

Collage 3 4

Ta-dah! Two coats later with a thick brush and I have some crosses in brilliant white on the boring black cushions.

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I put one on my Acapulco chair and the other in Tex’s room. This project took about 20 minutes all up. It dried really fast too. Are you up for this job?

Check out all the Chalk Paint™ here and also find the nearest retailer (or buy online here).

Happy DIY-ing! ♥ KC.


  • Chris R

    Love this idea. I have so many things I want to try and no time to do anything.
    I am obsessed with cushions, looks like I might have to buy some more!
    Thanks K.

  • Karen Willems

    Sharon Symonds

  • Priscilla Fitzgerald

    Love it. I read the post but you didn’t mention stencilling. Did you put tape on because they look really straight on the sides. I’ve got some of those cushions and some left over Annie Sloan white so I’m going to give it a go

  • Anita Lane

    How come you can get chalk paint. Our useless town paint shop thought I meant black board paint. Then we’re not the slightest bit interested in trying to get it in for me

  • Cheryl Kennedy

    Hi Katrina Chambers if I want to paint a queen size bed and hall table would I need 2 cans of paint and what else do I do after the painting ? does it need to be waxed ?

  • Melinda Lester

    Very cool !

  • Kathee Gunn

    What a great idea Katrina – love it and will share for sure!

  • Melinda

    Such a simple clever idea. Love it, thanks for the idea –might just have to try this for my boys room

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