Decorating with a ladder

The ladder has been popping up in the world of decorating lately. Kmart brought out a bamboo style ladder and I’ve seen it featured in my Instagram many times. People have even painted it white or black to suit their style. Today I have a few ladder styling ideas for you. A ladder can be […]

5 Feng Shui techniques for a less stressful home

Feng shui literally means connecting people to their environment where we can live in harmony with our surroundings. It means WIND and WATER and is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Water and wind (breath) flows through everything. This flow of energy is called ch’i. Ch’i brings all living things to life and circulates throughout […]

How to grow a healthy rubber plant

The rubber plant has won my heart. It’s becoming my favourite indoor plant. It’s better than the fiddle leaf if you ask me! Big call I know, but look at those leaves! They are thicker, more defined in shape and the colour is stunning. The leaves don’t droop or become tattered like a fiddle leaf […]

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Out with the old… I have spent the day culling and cleaning things out. Although we are not moving for another 5 months, I thought I would start disposing of unnecessary junk now. It gets hectic when the kids go back to school and I start back working fulltime next week. So with today being the start of […]

4 generations

This is a picture taken last weekend of 4 generations in my family. Those that know me well would know my Pop (in the middle) survived a lot this year. We were celebrating his 80th birthday. Also in the photo is my Mum, my sister, her daughter and my 3 boys.


Thank you to those loyal readers! I had stacks of emails and some comments. I am glad you are sticking around. I am making the final changes to my house on Wednesday, plans will go into council and building SHOULD begin early December. I am very excited!!! For now here are the handles I have […]