REVIEW: Deebot Ozmo 900 Robot

Brought to you by Godfreys. Recently I had the chance to review the Deebot Ozmo 900 Robot. I was so excited because this little gadget has an integrated vacuum and mop cleaning system. It vacuums AND mops AT THE SAME TIME. I know, I’m yelling, but how clever does that sound?? I was so keen to […]

How to grow a healthy rubber plant

The rubber plant has won my heart. It’s becoming my favourite indoor plant. It’s better than the fiddle leaf if you ask me! Big call I know, but look at those leaves! They are thicker, more defined in shape and the colour is stunning. The leaves don’t droop or become tattered like a fiddle leaf […]

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My Style

I did this little test here for fun. Try it and see what your style says about you!Mine was spot on!!! 33% Cottage Chic 33% Rustic Revival 34% French Eclectic Cottage Chic Who says that cottages can’t be modern and chic? Who says that they have to be floral and cheesy? Not you! You love […]

Count down.

The house will be officially ours tomorrow! Yippee. The floorboards are under way. I have had the stress this week that certificates etc would not be done in time, but all fallen into place, thank god. Now I just have to convince a 4 year old to go to his Grandma and Pop’s house for […]

5 sleeps

Floorboards are getting a start tonight. They will be finished on the weekend. I might even get a chance to get a few car loads of gear into the house before Monday. 2 little boys are having a holiday for a few days at Grandma’s on Monday so I can get things done. Hopefully I […]

A Giveaway..

Wendy is celebrating her 200th post and is having an awesome giveaway. Pop over to her blog at The Shabby Nest to see what you can win. Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I am so much more awesome in real life over here: Katrina from The Block. website | […]

This time next week…

Photo: Country Living This time next week….I will be sleeping in my new house!7 sleeps.I can hardly wait.Everything is ready to go. Still so much work to do outside after we move in, but at least everything inside is just perfect.I will be trying to keep busy this week. Maybe a lot more blogging! Thanks […]

Visually appealing

Wow look at this office transformation. Although it’s not something I would do, I still love it! It has a really good feel about it. Check out the continuity – the colours all tie in nicely. The storage, artwork and trinkets pull the room together. You can obviously see the before shots. So much effort […]

Door Handle

We have this young guy with the nickname of ‘Goober’ (although I just can’t seem to call him that, so I will stick with calling him Tim) who is currently putting the finishing touches to my front double doors with 2 sets of these Fleur De Lis passage handles. I have also a little keyed […]


Check these out. These are slammin’!I found them on Etsy in a shop shop called Print Space. These are on my TO PURCHASE list. I think a series of these in some white box frames would be perfect for my new office. Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I am […]

Yellow and I just don’t mix

Photo: Photo: Country Living Photo: Photo: Flickr I really am trying to like yellow. I am not sure why I don’t like it. It actually makes me feel nervous and uneasy. But then I see little accents of it throughout magazines and I feel myself wanting something in yellow. Not too much. So, […]