Decorating with a ladder

The ladder has been popping up in the world of decorating lately. Kmart brought out a bamboo style ladder and I’ve seen it featured in my Instagram many times. People have even painted it white or black to suit their style. Today I have a few ladder styling ideas for you. A ladder can be […]

5 Feng Shui techniques for a less stressful home

Feng shui literally means connecting people to their environment where we can live in harmony with our surroundings. It means WIND and WATER and is the ancient Chinese art of placement. Water and wind (breath) flows through everything. This flow of energy is called chโ€™i. Chโ€™i brings all living things to life and circulates throughout […]

How to grow a healthy rubber plant

The rubber plant has won my heart. It’s becoming my favourite indoor plant. It’s better than the fiddle leaf if you ask me! Big call I know, but look at those leaves! They are thicker, more defined in shape and the colour is stunning. The leaves don’t droop or become tattered like a fiddle leaf […]

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Latest happenings

I had a birthday yesterday and these orange and pink cushions were my treat! Loving them sick. I spent the day with lots of friends, went out for dinner with my boys and was in bed at 8pm! Haha…Getting old….well I was 32 and feeling every year. That’s what children do to you! PS – […]

Fluffy Rug

This is a new addition to our bedroom. I LOVE the feel of it. I think I would rather sleep on it and can’t stop rubbing my feet on it. Chevy keeps laying on it and rubbing his face on it haha! Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I am […]


How do you get a king size throw quilt clean? Well soak it in bleach in the bath, of course. Then put it in a big plastic tub and carry to the washing machine. ….. PRESTO…it looks brand new! Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I am so much more […]

Only a mother would know

Only a mother would know that lots of giggling meant trouble………. How could I be cross? PS. Sorry for the fuzzy photos but their wiggling bodies were all over the place! Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I am so much more awesome in real life over here: Katrina from […]

Toilet Training

Photo Ok, so I have 3 kiddies and they are all boys. I am on the downward run and am currently trying to train my 3rd child. I know all about toilet training and battled on with both of my older boys. It went on for months and neither of them totally ‘got it’ until […]

I am still here!

Some new Lulu Jars. Some frames on the walls – finally made a decision! A bit of bling on the roof. I keep moving things around. Oh and I painted this mirror. My red lounge room now has aqua, pink and orange accents. Waiting on some cushions to arrive and then I will show you […]

My biggest kid

This is my confident, grown-up, easy going and very handsome guy, Cruise. He is 7. He ‘gets’ me and loves my addiction to design. He puts up with my dragging him from shop to shop after school in between picking up his little brothers. He is my champion at school and our superstar ‘try leading’ […]

Baby No. 3

This is my baby. Well he will be 3 soon. His name is Chevy and isn’t he divine?? This little man has caused me some grief this week. He has been very sick and we have been at hospital thinking he had pneumonia. After a few crap days (and worse nights) he seems to finally […]