Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping in today. This was a BIG month for us. How good is February? I think it’s my favourite month, because routine has returned, kids are back at school and the weather is still warm. This month I had my one year colostomy bagiversary. ONE YEAR! Life changing. I am so […]

3 indoor plants you need for 2019

We’re all still going strong with the indoor plant trend – well I am anyway! I have a jungle at home…ha! I am addicted that’s for sure. In 2019, the theme for indoor plants is ‘bigger the better’. If you can choose mature plants that already stand a metre or more tall for maximum impact […]

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A quick catch up

Just a bit of this and that….. Two of my gorgeous friends on a recent night out. Was fun Emma! Flowers from my delicious husband that rocks my world every day. Plumbing for our double vanities. This was the bricking a week ago. Must head up there tomorrow as it’s all done with the pillars […]

Be my Valentine?

I heart him this much…. Hope you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day! PS. Yes it hurt and I had it done after the birth of our second baby on my lower back (incase you wondering if that is my stomach or back!). Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But you know, I […]

One of those days..

As I sit here pondering the thing I SHOULD do, HAVE to do and WANT to do today, a heaviness is in my heart for what is happening close by. This picture is of the smoke in my background and over our whole town. We don’t live close enough to be affected directly, but close […]

Its coming along!

The roof is done. The bricks are almost done (these photos are from a few days ago). I am still finalising floorboards and the kitchen. I have samples everywhere and my husband is driving me mad with the floor! We just got a new TV and now I deciding whether I want lots of built […]

Half a roof

Only half got finished today….the weather is awful. As I type this it’s 9.30pm and still 35C (95F)!!!!! I have so many blogs to visit. I am sorry for being a bad friend. I will get around to everyone in the next few days 🙂Katrina xxxx Thanks for following my blog and reading it via RSS! But […]


Back of the house. Roof is definitely being finished (sheeted with colorbond) tomorrow. Bricks are there and a few courses will go on tomorrow. Yay! Tex playing a preschool orientation which was yesterday. How happy does he look????? Well, today was a different story! He actually had to go all day on his own today […]

It’s so hot!

This is how hot it feels here in Wagga Wagga, Australia at the moment. We can’t sleep, everyone is sweaty (not to mention those bum cracks above!), and I feel lethargic. I shouldn’t be complaining, because I really hate cold weather, but I think 38-41C (well over 100F) is a little extreme. My poor roofing […]

The door has been decided

This is it! Paid for. Done. Ordered. And no more changing my mind. I am rapt and almost squealing with delight. My husband is worse I think. How can people get so excited over doors??! These will suit my house style beautifully and will be set under the portico, so when driving past they will […]