Around here lately

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today… I looked back at my last Around Here Lately post and is was a while back! Since then I have about 3000 photos on my phone haha (which I am not going to bore you with!). So here’s a small snippet…

My middle…

6 bad Feng Shui elements

Broken things
Get out the super glue, find the Allen key, repair that leaking tap, change the light bulb… You don’t want to unnecessarily attract broken or damaged energy, so make sure you keep on top of home maintenance. When you ignore broken things you’re not attracting abundance. When you…

Under the kitchen sink storage

I did this under the kitchen sink storage DIY a while ago, but because it’s the beginning of the year and we all seem to be obsessed with cleaning and culling I thought I might re-post it.

Isn’t she pretty? Ha! Jokes! What a mess. I bet yours isn’t much…


  • Grew this jade plant from cuttings jade jadeplant moneyplant luckyplant
  • SATURDAY  A couple have gone to cricket a few
  • Still in  with my beaded chandelier from littleboholane
  •  diy barndoor katrinashome
  • I have smudged the shit out of everything in my
  • Even though we could use the tunnel I always make
  • So hairy so snuggly
  • Sunday morning 2 are at a sleepover 1  husband
  • I had a burst of energy But its gone now