REVIEW: Deebot Ozmo 900 Robot

Brought to you by Godfreys. Recently I had the chance to review the Deebot Ozmo 900 Robot. I was so excited because this little gadget has an integrated vacuum and mop cleaning system. It vacuums AND mops AT THE SAME TIME. I know, I’m yelling, but how clever does that sound?? I was so keen to […]

How to grow a healthy rubber plant

The rubber plant has won my heart. It’s becoming my favourite indoor plant. It’s better than the fiddle leaf if you ask me! Big call I know, but look at those leaves! They are thicker, more defined in shape and the colour is stunning. The leaves don’t droop or become tattered like a fiddle leaf […]

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Inspiring: Industrial

Hi there! Last week I had some awful moments with my internet… My kids went over our limit (and me too from downloading Game of Thrones) which meant it was ‘shaped’. I have fixed it, but Bigpond wouldn’t lift the shaping for about 5 days! Horrendous. I rang every day (so 5 times) and each […]

Bored or Board

It’s already started… “I’m bored!” Of course, it has. You hearing those words in your house too? Drives me bonkers! It’s not for lack of stuff around them… it’s more because they expect entertainment to be provided at all times. They have 2 brothers so you’d think they’d be able to find something to do?? […]

Stunning Sunday: Luxury Living

Hi there! It’s time for Stunning Sunday again and look at what one of my readers sent me… this magnificent home is like a fairy tail… The home is located in Hastings, Victoria. The gardens are jaw-dropping! A one hundred and twenty square (approx.) reproduction of ‘Oak Alley’ a historic mansion located on the Mississippi […]

The camping trip

Morning! So the New Year celebrations are over and I’ve returned home to start thinking about the year ahead… We’ve just had 3 nights away camping. Not glamping, but serious camping. Not sure I really loved it though! It was dusty and windy and there was no water, electricity, toilets or showers so it was […]

Everyday Gratefuls for 2014

Want to join in for 2014? Let me share with you what I’m going to do… My lovely friend Emma initially gave me this idea. She started writing something she was grateful for every day on her private Facebook page (I mentioned it here too). I became addicted to reading them. I waited each day […]

Owning less

I am an organiser. I like things to be neat and ordered and I am not a hoarder. Husband calls me ruthless 😉 I have this thing about one thing in and one thing out. I realise that after a while I need to sort through and dispose of things in my home. Especially after […]

Filling in the days

 ♥ I have not folded a piece of washing since Tuesday. This means my bedroom floor is full of clothes and we’re grabbing them from there. ♥ The kids haven’t had a proper lunch in days – just grazed. ♥ I have eaten ham and pavlova for lunch and dinner since Christmas. ♥ I’ve packed […]