Our Goldie Holiday

Today in Woman’s Day!

About 6 weeks ago Amie and I (and husbands) took the kids to the Gold Coast for a week. We did all the theme parks, had a blast, ate too much, spent too much…

But this was a holiday just for the kids. Woman’s Day came with us to Movie World. It was so much fun!

Buy it and check it out 🙂

PS. The Block Magazine is out today so make sure you buy that too!!



  • Penny

    How spunky is Batman.
    He has to be someone’s dad here on the coast. Gosh imagine if he was a dad a my kids school.
    I never take my eyes off him when we visit Movue World
    Pen x

    • Karen@RestyledVintage

      He is spunky, I love how he always keeps such a straight face! I enjoyed looking at him in early May 🙂 Would be so funny if he was a Dad at your kids school, lol!

  • Alexandria Emporium

    Looks like a great holiday. That’s a great group photo! Daffy Duck and Sylvester are still my favourites! (sad I know, my kids always whinge to turn the TV over when I am watching them!) Mx

  • Heather

    The Goldie is such a wonderful holiday spot, can’t wait to get back there one day. Looks like a great article Katrina!

  • deb

    Don’t you all look fresh faced and happy. Looks like good fun.

  • Jenny

    Girl you look good beside Mr. Batman 😉

  • tracey

    You girls look simply amazing,love your choice of colour in your dresses! Have a lovely week xx

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