Now I need a few quiet days

My 2 older boys have been at “cricket camp”. They’ve been training in a squad throughout most of the winter and the last 4 days was a selection/carnival thingy. They are in different age groups though. Tex is 12 and was lucky enough to be picked in the under 14s team to play. I am so proud of him! He didn’t play as well as he would have liked, but his attitude was what I loved the most. He learnt heaps and will be back next year. My eldest kid, Cruise, has been training really hard (after he recovered from a broken collarbone) and he played awesome and was lucky enough to make the Riverina team to play in the Bradman Cup. My heart was bursting open!

If you have boys (or girls!), you either love cricket or hate it. And when you love it, you really love it. I do! I think what I love the most about my 3 boys playing cricket is that I find the game so skillful and there are so many ways to actually play it. It teaches kids a lot about patience, resilience, timing, and it’s a game which does need a lot of hours spent mastering.

My youngest boy Chevy and I spent the last 4 days watching the other 2 play their cricket and we are exhausted. I got really nervous this time watching them. I could hardly eat a thing, it was so hot and there were a lot of hours sitting. Chevy isn’t old enough for this competitive cricket yet, but I am going to have some serious grey hairs when all 3 of my boys are doing all these carnivals! How did I get so lucky with 3 boys?? Ha!

My boys have always done a lot of sport. I am always encouraging it. I wasn’t sporty like them though. I was a school nerd! But I think the only way to keep these boys busy is to get them playing something. It teaches teamwork, leadership and how to build relationships.

One day they won’t want to do all of this. They’ll grow up and get jobs and girlfriends. But I do hope they will always be involved in some sort of club. Even as a parent, my husband and I always volunteer to do jobs within the kids’ sporting clubs. I have met heaps of new friends and we all hang out watching our kids.

Now I need a few quiet days at home recovering. I need to start with the washing! My husband and I are off to Sydney next Monday to see my new surgeon, so now that this cricket trip is over I am feeling a little nervous. I’d put it all to the back of my mind there for a while, but it’s all coming around again. And when my mind is a bit jumbled I always need to do massive cleaning at home to sort myself out. That’s what I’ll be doing today.

♥ KC.


  • Sara Morley

    Mine has grown up, got a job and a girlfriend and still loves cricket… as do I! Well done to your boys!

    • Marc Vincent

      We need another win next monday for Mater Dei as well please… cruise played very well last game… they need to keep winning so i can keep going away with them

  • Letitia

    I hear you! Cricket house here too. Looking forward to the Ashes with the boys this year since I have embraced their love and become a cricket mum.! It’s the MOST addictive sport but I also love what it teaches them. Good luck with you new surgeon. xx

  • Sheree McIntyre

    Congratulations to Tex and Cruise on their selection. David Bolton was lucky enough to find a wife that loves cricket!

  • Denyse Whelan

    Dear K, I decided to email you my response to this post but please do not even think about replying! You have much on your mind right now! Love Denyse x

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