New podcasts I’ve been listening to

A few months ago I put together a list of recommended podcasts I was enjoying. Check those out here. The more I listen to podcasts the more I am forever searching for something good. Most come from other people and their guidance.

Here’s the most recent lot of podcasts I’ve been churning out…

I particularly liked By The Book. It was funny and entertaining. The girls live by ‘self-help’ books for 2 weeks and give their thoughts on it. So good! They are casual, honest and just easy to listen to. I love it because they are books a lot of us have read (or are thinking about reading). I can’t wait for their next episode to come out.

You’ve probably all listened to Dirty John? Wasn’t that a good one with some twists and turns??  I also enjoyed Bowraville – being a true story based in Australia.

Addicted is good too. I think a lot of us might relate to this in some way. Maybe not directly, but indirectly as it’s an eye opener.

And lastly, what about My Dad Wrote A Porno?? ROARED with laughter on this one. So funny and of course the commentary makes this podcast so good. Not for little ears though. Definitely one for the earpods. But if you haven’t been game to listen yet, it’s probably not what you think and isn’t that foul. It’s more about the group and their comments that make it hilarious.

I’d love to hear about what you’re in to!

♥ KC.

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  • Brooke Matthews says:

    Renée Mayne
    Sarah is your friend yes?

  • Gabby says:

    Love, love, loved and still loving
    My Mum says my Memoir is a Lie by Rosie Waterland.
    Heartbreaking, funny and tragic

  • Tanya Angus says:

    How I Built This (interviews with really interesting entrepreneurs), Tell Me It’s Going To Be OK (if you are obsessed with how awful Trump is) and No Filter (interviews with really interesting people)…

  • Lizzie Willis says:

    Loved Dirty John and Alone I binge listened to those! My favorite murder is probably my all time favourite podcast but i also quite like Young house love has a podcast, Bang on & Australian True Crime (Episodes with Narelle Fraser are the best)