My weekend: kids antics & a hair and make-up workshop…

Hey there Monday morning!

How are you all today? Ready to tackle a new week? I am (just!)…

How was your weekend? Mine was busy with kid’s sport. We’ve gone from Rugby League to Touch and Cricket… God gave me these boys and now I am suddenly this sports nut. Who would have thought hey? I still laugh and really can’t believe I have 3 of the little rascals.

(Chevy taking a break from street cricket to sit with the neighbour’s dog)

Here is what this little kid said to me last week…

Me: Chev, are you swearing?

Chevy: No, I’m saying sshh-(pause)it. I’m not saying shit.

Do your kids do this?? Change a couple of letters in a swear word and think you won’t notice? It’s just this child (the baby)… he says fuuuuuut and ffuuuuuuussss and then looks at me as if to say “I wasn’t going to swear, got ya.” Why does he do this? Cracks me up secretly!

Sunday afternoon was spent at Mel’s house (she did a guest post here). She’s a hairdresser and a friend is a beauty therapist and together they came up with a LOOK AND LEARN Hair and Face Workshop. It’s not a party where they sell stuff, it’s a gathering where you go and learn about hair care/styling and face care and make-up. It was so good! Clever girls. They need to do more of these gatherings… hmmmm pondering a new business enterprise here me thinks!

Today there will be more action at my block! Hopefully I can share some more photos on Wednesday for a house update post. I’m off to Sydney this week too for a few days for a cool gig, and I’ll share that with you later in the week.

Have a great day!


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