My week on Instagram

Some beautiful flowers from my sister-in-law. My eldest son re-cut them last night and freshened them up and they’re still going strong.

My hubby had a birthday last week and I bought him a WOK. I also purchased these during the week. If that’s not a hint that I hate cooking, then I don’t know what is!

My new favourite, delectable little treat – double stuffed Oreo’s…. mmmmmm.

I couldn’t decide which look to go for – a cowboy or a sailor. A cowlor? A sailboy?

I bought this big industrial letter K. Think I might buy the A (for husband) and put in our bedroom. I’ve started the “hunting and gathering” stage for our new house (which is still 6 months away!), but I do this every time we build. I buy in preparation… it’s fun.

I collect paper-weights, so I’ve added this one to the collection.

The kid’s school had a pupil free day yesterday so a heap of us gathered in the park for my nephew’s birthday. I had such a lovely day out and about with friends.

This is Amie’s husband. He used to be a shearer for many years, but doesn’t do it full time now. But they still have sheep so he is shearing them over the next few days. Go Josh!

Well that was my week on Instagram. To follow me you can find me under @katrinachambers on the Instagram APP.

Have a great weekend!



  • workingwomenaus

    I love that industrial K. The next six months will be so much fun for you (building aside) as you’ll simply *have* to shop. Luck you

  • Renata

    The roses are so beautiful, and love the K also, might have to do find one for my kids, where did you find it?

    • Katrina (author)

      The K was from a shop in Wagga called The Restoration Centre 🙂

  • Tahlia

    Hi katrina where did you get your boots from?

    • Katrina (author)

      The boots were just from Cotton On. X

  • Tahlia


  • Claudia

    I liked those chocolate cookies(YUM).

  • Jo

    Love that “K”. Are you able to share where it’s from?

    • Katrina (author)

      Sure! It’s a shop in Wagga called The Restoration Centre.

  • scandi.coast.home

    Well Hello Sailor!
    What an awesome week……
    Excuse the crazy talk. It’s the first time I’ve been online for days.
    Lucky you!!! Have a lovely weekend ;o)
    Tania xx

    • Katrina (author)


  • Michelle Hayward

    LOVE the pics! What a great way to remember the week! 🙂 Hope next week is even awsomer!!!!!! (Sometimes I just love using words that aren’t words!) xxx

    • Katrina (author)

      I like making up words too.!

  • KL

    Well, I LOVE that ‘k’ too! I think it might be about time I checked out this Instagram thingy. Your son refreshed your flowers? My mothering skills are obviously lacking; my son doesn’t know to do that…off to right my wrongs…
    x KL

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahahahaha! I’m laughing so much as the lacking mothering skills!

  • MJ

    I love the industrial K. Hopefully the store has a website & ships out.

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