My top 10 blog posts for 2016

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by today. I went poking around in my google analytics last week and took a look at my top 10 blog posts for 2016. That was interesting and I thought I’d share them with you today. Pinterest is my best source of traffic so these images over there boosted the traffic to my blog.

Here are my top 10 blog posts for 2016

1. This U-shaped 5 bedroom floor plan was at the top of my list for 2016 and was miles above the rest. Who would have thought! It’s a great plan though. I have stacks more plans here too if you’re on the hunt for something to build in 2017.

2. Are you looking for white paint? I wrote a detailed blog post on cool versus warm white paints and this was very popular.

3. What about weatherboard house colours? What colour should you paint your house? I have 10 ideas here with photos.

4. Another 5 bedroom floor plan hit the top 5 list this year.

5. The DIY concrete pots were a hit again this year. Lots of people looking at how to make them.

6. I wrote this post the year before but it made the top 10 again this year. Here are my own weatherboard house colours.

7. That black and white flip clock for your computer. So many people land on this one every day. A short tutorial helps you get it for your own computers.

8. I made an image of indoor plants for beginners which seemed to be very helpful for those who’d like to introduce a bit of greenery in to their homes.

9. We still love the fiddle leaf fig and this post on how to look after one was pretty popular. Ironically I have killed one this year though ha!

10. Racing up the charts and sneaking in to the top 10 was the post I wrote recently on Interior Design Trends for 2017. Check that one out if you’re after some inspiration.

What a great year on the blog. This shows me you love your interior design as much as I do! Thanks for reading along. Lots more to come in 2017.

♥ KC.

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