My latest love for my skin

This is my latest love. I was recommended this product by a lady who specialises in skin rejuvenation. I’ve been have lots of problems with my skin lately due to stress and medication. I’ve been diligently using this scrub and I cannot believe the difference! I am also having a few additional treatments to my skin over the coming months. There is no time like the present to take the best care of my skin. It’s not getting any younger!

You should try it! I just bought it on ebay 🙂

Product Information:

MD Formulations Face And Body Scrub MD Formulations Face And Body Scrub is a gentle face and body scrub designed to cleanse and remove flaky, dry and rough skin. Mature and photo aged skin especially benefits from this gentle face and body scrub.

MD Formulations Face And Body Scrub Benefits:

Glycolic compound and gentle creamy base exfoliates and cleanses flaky and rough skin

Boosts dry, flaky, mature and photo-aged skin with gentle exfoliation
Prepares for self tanning on all skin types
Ideal for all skin types, include dry, mature and photo aged skin


  • A-M

    Oh I am so getting that. I need all the help I can get. My excuse is that I am an old bag who sunbaked back when it was cool to do so in the 80’s. Payin’ for it now. Big time. A-M xx

  • Katherine theoldboathouse

    I really regret not looking after my skin when I was younger, personal recommendations are always the best and I will have to check this one out. It also sounds really quick which is great because I am hopeless at sticking to a routine xx

    • Katrina (author)

      Hi Katherine,
      I am hopeless at sticking to things too. I have dreadful skin. I never used to. Just in the last couple of years I’ve had to battle little skin cancers and have had so many burnt off and cut out. Therefore I am always battling little flaky spots and dryness. Plus I keep getting red rashes across my face due to hormones and medication. I never had one single pimple when I was a teenager, but my skin has turned on me in my 30s! Arrr!

  • Pennyb

    Good morning,
    I have terrible, i mean extremely terrible skin. i have bad patches of pigmentation and have spent A SMALL FORTUNE on trying to lighten/remove it and it keeps reappearing. at the moment i am using DUAC it is a medication cream from the doctor. OMG i have almost perfect skin (when i say that, i mean NO PIMPLES) i still have pigment so i will go check out the MD formula.

  • Something Gorgeous

    I’m using this product at the moment, but I have to say I’m not too fussed. I find it very harsh and abrasive. Think I might go for something more natural and gentle next time.
    Good to read something positive about it for a change.

  • Rhu

    OK I have to ask – what is photo aged skin?

    • Katrina (author)

      Ummm not sure!

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