My first new moon cacao ceremony + 13th rite of the womb

In a bid to get out and about more, last week I saw a little workshop pop up in my Facebook feed. A lovely girl (Sam from Willow Metta) was hosting it and for some reason I just clicked on it and booked myself in. If you read my latest blog post about my surgery then you’ll know that I haven’t be able to get to things like this in a long time… I was so excited!

I announced to my husband and kids I was off to a New Moon Cacao Ceremony + 13th Rite of the Womb. They were like saaaaay what??? My eldest kid said please don’t put that on your Instagram because people will think you’re crazy. Haha. I said tough luck! I’m even blogging about it. My husband’s Mum (who passed away 2 years ago) was right in to all of this so my husband grew up with it. He thinks I’m turning in to her. But in saying that, he thinks she’s sending me messages. I think so too!

So, yesterday afternoon I gathered some of my favourite crystals (rose quartz, clear quartz, amethyst and citrine) and headed to a yoga studio in town. I went on my own. It felt so good to just be out and about doing something different.

It was 2 hours of bliss. There were drums, sage cleansing, intention writing, some sharing in the group, cacao drinking and activating the Rite of the Womb (that was very different!).

I loved it! I felt so good and smiled the whole way home. I released old energy and set new intentions. The new moon is now, so it’s a good time to write down new beginnings and wash away the old. Intention creates more clarity in your life. I felt like now is a perfect time for me to draw a line in the sand. The old stuff is the lethargic, unwell, sickly me. The new stuff is a more motivated, happier, healthier version of me. I didn’t go there because I had major issues in my life. I just went so I could feel good about stuff again.

Also, I’ll be buying some cacao of my own. Not only does it have awesome health benefits, it acts as a heart chakra opener. Cacao is known as a ‘connection facilitator’. Ancient history holds cacao in very high standards I learnt. Using it in a ceremony can be very powerful to help you shift or focus on intentions. You can create your own Cacao Ceremony at home too. I found a good blog post explaining how to do that here.

Before you think I’ve gone nutty (haha) I think that after major life events, or trauma, or just bouts of being unwell it’s a GOOD idea to find something to lift your spirits… whatever that may be. Some people like the beach, some people like to go for a run… Life is about creating moments of joy, and that’s a good thing right? Most of us feel better when we clean out a few cupboards at home, so why not clean out your thoughts??

I am definitely going to the next one again.

Have you been to any intention setting ceremonies? I’d love to hear what you think! ♥ KC.


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