My coloured nails in review

Yep, I’m addicted to nail colour! Remember I did a post here about my legs? Ha! I told you in that post I’d show you my nail colour obsession…

Here they are…

…And these are only from the last few months! I started this nail thingy a few years ago and I’m hooked. I visit my salon every 3 weeks for a new colour.

People ask me all the time what product I use…

I don’t do shellac (only on my toes), or powder acrylic, I do BIO-SCULTPURE GEL. The colour is in the gel, so it’s not a polish over an acrylic. They do not peel, and do not need soaking off. They get filed and repainted straight over the top. They are strong and thick and never ever chip – just grow.

There’s no purple in there… hmmmm that might be my next colour!

If you’re in Wagga, this is where I go.

My bestie had these done yesterday. I’m am sooo copying!




  • Jo

    I love the fact you don’t have to soak them off!! I will have to check out where on the Gold Coast they do them. Thanks for the hot tip.

  • A-M

    I have been avoiding nail colour due to the rough treatment my poor hands get in the shed. Busted my watch, reaching into a box this morning.. damn. Would this stuff stand up to the rigours of shed work? My nails are so soft, even when I paint them with normal polish and then remove it, it takes ages for them to get over having polish on them.. they are so weak and break so much after polish. maybe’s it’s my diet?…maybe I am eating too much gluten? or not enough spirulina or #activatedalmonds? A-M xx PS Love Muttsy’s nails. She’s such a groover. She could teach me a thing or two #nbf #waggaroadtrip

  • penny barns

    I told my friend Jodie this morning and by 11am my time she had text me extremely happy she has her gel toes back on…..
    She said Courtney was lovely.
    Pen x

  • Rachel

    I love nail polish but my nails are having a rest at the moment. Too much applying and removing have left them in poor condition. I am eyeing off lots of gorgeous polishes in the meantime. Rachel x

  • Gus Kirt

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  • Rozalicious/engineerMum

    I wish I could do nails more! I have never ever had them done. Only home jobs. 4 small children means hard work for my hands. But I have discovered glitter tips so my chipped nail polish gets a couple more days!

  • engineerMum

    I wish I could do nails more! I have never ever had them done. Only home jobs. 4 small children means hard work for my hands. But I have discovered glitter tips so my chipped nail polish gets a couple more days!

  • Melissah from Coastal Style

    Thanks for stopping by my blog Coastal Style. I wish I had more time to do my nails. I usually do them in the car stopped at the lights racing around between appointments. Having read your post I really need to make more of an effort!

  • Paulo

    I boguht the Gelish kit when it was on major sale (somewhere). I also boguht a collection of polish colors. If I knew THEN how long-lasting a gel manicure is, I would not have amassed such a huge collection of regular polish! The gel manicures ROCK!When you first get this kit, don’t be shocked at how tiny everything is. I was really ticked off at first (because I didn’t read specifics when I boguht it, thought I was getting full size products) but this is truly an intro-sized kit. Don’t be alarmed though, as there is plenty of product in the kit to get you through MANY manicures!*Hint: rather than spend your money on the nail surface cleaner’, just go get yourself some rubbing alcohol. Fraction of the cost, same effect. Get some lint-free nail wipes too, if you use regular cotton balls I promise you that you will be SO VERY SORRY and cursing the inventor of cotton balls!You might find the instructions overwhelming at first, I would recommend you Youtube some instructional videos. There are hundreds of how-to videos on not only the basics of the gel manicure, but also special effects like french tips and nail art. You will be amazed at all you can do with the gel! Once you see the steps in action it makes reading through and utilizing the instruction manual much easier.You’ll need, in addition to the kit: a UV lamp, lint free nail polish removal pads, a microfine bufferNOTE ON THE UV LAMP RECOMMENDATION: I boguht a 32w UV light to use with this instead of the 9w that was sold by the place I got the Gelish set from. The 32w seemed to make the steps work in the amount of time suggested in the Gelish instructions. My first attempt, with the lower wattage 9v UV light, created some problems with bubbling and lifting. You can find 32w lights for about $25.00, no need to pay $200 or more so shop around. You might also want to get a larger light, not one that does one hand at a time, or you’ll really get fed up having to spend twice as long to get it done! You might want to buy a tube of broad-spectrum SPF hand cream also if you are concerned about the effects of the lamp on your skin.I got SIX WEEKS out of my gel manicure. The interesting thing about the gel is how strong it is, how strong it makes your nails (I had to clip my nails to shorten them, they were so break-proof!). The gel is strong yet flexible, so it flexes with your nails. This stuff wears off rather than chipping off, and after the sixth week I ended up peeling some off. Eight weeks later I finally peeled more off, you’ll need to soak it with acetone to get it off. It peeled off my nails cleanly and with no damage! But when you remove it, your nails are not stunted and weak like they are with acrylic nails. It’s well worth the time to do a gel manicure on yourself and if you use a very light color you can go a long, long time without any noticeable dings!The only thing you won’t like about this product if you like constant color changes, is having to soak off one color before applying more. As an experiment I tried putting another whole set of steps on top of an old set; no no it was horrible! Big thick horrible nasty ugly, don’t do it if you want nice nails! But for a long lasting finish, you can’t beat the gel nail set. You can buy all the supplies to do it yourself for not much more than a gel/shellac manicure at a professional salon. This kit gives you professional results!

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