My children make a lot of random noises

My children make a lot of random noises. Is that normal? I’m not sure it is.

My eldest is the worst.

What I mean is that the house can be quiet and he’ll shriek like a bird, make a possum noise, imitate the Turtleman, woof whistle… (you name it). Just out of the blue. On and off ALL freaking day long.

But he does it even when it’s noisy. Like, he’ll make a strange repetitive noise over the top of everyone.

I am highly irritated by this. To the point of a nervous breakdown.

And my other kids do it too.

Why do children do this? Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s a boy thing.

My house is always so noisy. It’s just a really loud place to be in. No one watches tv (or if they are they’re wrestling on the floor while it’s on), or they watch Pimp My Ride and Swamp People at the maximum sound. Why can’t they sit and read and make friendship bands and play Connect 4? Ok, that’s never going to happen, wake up from your dream Katrina.

Lord give me strength to get through the looming 7 weeks of school holidays.

How noisy is YOUR house?



  • Deanne

    i know i have a child or 2 like this and it drives me insane!!!!

  • What Sarah Did Next

    LOL! This is exactly what it’s like at my house – with three boys and a husband, it gets VERY loud around here sometimes. My middle son is the whistler, he does it all the time. I don’t even think he realises, to be honest! And I hear you with the programme selection – they only watch dreadful reality TV shows (Operation Repo, Pawn Stars and the two you mentioned!) which are played at full volume. *sigh*

    Hang in there!

    • Katrina (author)

      I’m laughing.. hahaha yep, your house is the same as mine!

  • Penny

    Yep if they are not screaming at their play station they are playing rugby league in their bedrooms or out on the lounge fighting with each other and like u say watching stupid Repo or I don’t even know the names of them. I just yell at them most days and I think maybe have a quiet one minute with them. Daughter is at ballet most nights till 8 but when she gets home the boys annoy her so it is world war three again just before bed.
    Boarding school might be an option hehe
    Pen x
    I am sure when the day comes that we have no kids at home we will wish for it all to be just the way it is now

  • Caroline

    My place is much worse! I have 4 boys and we live in an apartment, so I can’t even kick them outside when I’ve reached breaking point. I am at risk of permanent hearing loss to the prolonged exposure to their noise! I can’t wait to move into our house when it’s finally built. Perhaps I need to apologize to our neighbours in advance. xx

    • Katrina (author)

      Oh dear you must be going crazy!!!!!!!! HAHAHA!

  • Kylie

    My youngest (3.5) is so loud only 2 weeks ago I had his hearing checked. Nope, nothing wrong… He’s JUST LOUD!!

  • Melissa

    Girls are no better! I have 3 of them and if they’re not singing, whinging or fighting they talk over the top of the already too loud tv!

  • Jessica

    My 2.5 year old son, yells out random ramblings once he has been put to bed and it drives me mad! That is my time god damn it and I want to have my glass of wine in piece! lol

  • A-M

    My little one never stops singing….and my big one never stops making grunting noises which he reckons is singing…. And when they are in the same room, they are teasing or bickering. It’s noisy here too… But not tonight! …. Little one is on camp and it is sooooooo quiet. Bliss. But it miss his noise! Xx

  • Michelle Hayward

    Katrina, come and visit us…can you imagine the noise volume at my house??? Come to dinner some time, it’s NUTS!!!!!!! Then I am yelling over the top of THEM just to be heard!! lol It’s like a zoo…yes, feeding time at the zoo! Shreiks, laughter, craziness. With more boys than girls (and the ratio ain’t good), it’s just ridiculous. Yes, it’s a boy thing for sure. Some days I want to find a hole and hide. I want a hidden room, like on that commercial (a day spa I can disappear too). Some days are worse than others. Personally I think boys need acreage. But mine are too indoorsy! Still I’d love a hundred acres so I could send them ‘outside’. I’d still have to endure dinner though…maybe a picnic at 5 acres away is a plan…

  • Amanda

    My house is definitely noisiest when my husband gets home from work – it’s like the girls are waiting to let loose when he gets home and I feel like the place turns into a zoo! No random noises here, just lots of girly shrieks and squeals when one pulls the others’ hair or they’re after the same toy 🙂 I like your dream of friendship bands and Connect 4 🙂

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