My children make a lot of random noises. Is that normal? I’m not sure it is.

My eldest is the worst.

What I mean is that the house can be quiet and he’ll shriek like a bird, make a possum noise, imitate the Turtleman, woof whistle… (you name it). Just out of the blue. On and off ALL freaking day long.

But he does it even when it’s noisy. Like, he’ll make a strange repetitive noise over the top of everyone.

I am highly irritated by this. To the point of a nervous breakdown.

And my other kids do it too.

Why do children do this? Actually, I’m pretty sure it’s a boy thing.

My house is always so noisy. It’s just a really loud place to be in. No one watches tv (or if they are they’re wrestling on the floor while it’s on), or they watch Pimp My Ride and Swamp People at the maximum sound. Why can’t they sit and read and make friendship bands and play Connect 4? Ok, that’s never going to happen, wake up from your dream Katrina.

Lord give me strength to get through the looming 7 weeks of school holidays.

How noisy is YOUR house?