My bathroom vanity & the regret




Truly, I love my bathrooms. I had the vanities custom made (to match my kitchen and laundry), and they are perfect. The ensuite bathroom is identical but smaller. The mirrors go all the way to the ceiling. The tops are Osprey Caesar Stone and I love the trough-style sinks. It’s pretty basic, but I didn’t want anything over the top. I also didn’t want any colour.


I stuffed up with the taps! Well, the spouts. I love the flick handles, but the spouts aren’t big enough and only just reach in to the sinks. Why didn’t someone (namely the plumbing shop!) say something at time of purchase?? Argh.

Anyway, of course it can be easily fixed and I can attach bigger spouts, but it all costs $$…

I have one of those 3-way bathrooms. In the opposite room is the bath and shower and the toilet is separate.

If you could have a new bathroom what is a must-have for you?

Or if you have a new bathroom do you have any regrets?

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  • Katrina Chambers says:

    Hi love! Yes I think I can buy a new spout that is bigger. I don't need the storage! I am not a hoarder so the only thing I use in the cupboard is one drawer!

  • Julie says:

    Looks great. I need a whole new bathroom. I need a TV show to come in and do it for me…

  • Karina Nicotra says:

    Hi Katrina, I have the exact same layout. I love what you have done, it looks great and that shop should have told you! I think I would have to stick with one basin as my 5 yr old and husband are way too messy and have too much stuff, for some reason they both don't like using the cupboards 🙂

  • Angel says:

    Thanks so much for sharing! I would probably be seduced by all the new shiny things that considering that wouldn’t cross my mind. Hopefully now because you mention it, it will pop into my head. Although, I don’t envisage shopping for new fittings anytime in my near future, just one day when I get to do my ‘dream house’.. HaHa

  • Renee says:

    Katrina – we are currently designing our house plans and are considering two sinks in the main bathroom for future children. Do you think it’s worth the added expense?

    • Katrina says:

      I love the double sinks. I have had them in 3 houses now. I think they are worth it!

  • Odette Chater says:

    It must be a Sag thing because I do toooo. You are soooo funny….

  • Fi - Bobbie and Finn says:

    I’m hugely disappointed with my vanities in both my bathrooms. When I renovated a year ago I designed them with the intention of moving house so they needed to appeal to the masses. Unfortunately now that we’re staying I’m stuck with them. They’re lovely, just not the style I would choose for my own house.

  • Emma Yates says:

    just about to start on ours…all 1.5 x 2 meters of it! Only shower and vanity but its tight space. Love your vanities 🙂

  • Nicole Richards Lowings says:

    Answer easy – the toilet in the master bathroom must have a door for privacy!

  • anastasia says:

    oh no – such a shame!! the bathroom vanity looks gorgeous though…

  • Karina Nicotra says:

    lol what is a sag?

  • Natasha Hansen says:

    Yes but think of all the things you got so perfectly right.

    Quite a few things I think I would change about our new house but nobody would guess unless I pointed it out it’s just that they bug me.

  • Cherylle says:

    Katrina your bathroom is lovely. I have the same taps in my kitchen and powder room. Do you have a problem with your tap handles falling off?

    My husband is a left hander and is not a fan of them at all as I have the handle on the right.

    • Katrina says:

      No they don’t fall off – yet! Oh I hope not!

  • kl says:

    Bugger! In the big scheme of things though it’s a mistake that can be easily rectified when a few more dollars are free. Be kind to yourself, the rest looks spperb and I must admit that I think the PC salesperson should have brought it to your attention. x KL

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