Multitap3N1™: Standard kitchen mixer tap with the added functionality of steaming hot water

Brought to you Multitap3N1™.

It’s ok to get excited by a tap isn’t it? Well, I am! A few weeks ago I was sent the most sexy, stylish and functional kitchen tap you could ever own. I have had 2 kitchen taps since living in my house, but they both broke (that’s how much we must use it haha), but I know this one definitely will last many years to come.

So, why am I so excited??? Because it has steaming hot water! YEEESSSS. And it’s all-in-one, so no need to drill a new hole in my stone to add that feature. See the photo below – boiling hot on the left and the usual mixer on the right for hot/cold.

Multitap3N1™ is a high-end, Italian designed and manufactured range of tapware. Multitap3N1™ is a standard kitchen mixer tap with the added functionality of steaming hot water. I chose the chrome, but it also comes in black and a couple of different shapes to suit your style.

The boiling hot water tap is extremely safe as you have to push then pull down at the same time. It also flows slower so it’s not something little kids could accidentally hurt themselves on. But it is boiling (so still be cautious). The tank is revolutionary as all the heat generated from the tank is not released under the sink but through the tap itself.

The convenience of steaming hot water in the one kitchen mixer tap that saves precious kitchen bench space (reducing need for kettle) is excellent in my eyes. The tap only needs a small space under the sink for the tank and filter. You can see the tank mounted very neatly under my sink.

Why do you need one?

I’ve been loving this tap. It’s been so handy for so many reasons. The convenience of instant steaming hot water at the flick of a lever means The Multitap3N1™ has endless applications that will save you time in the kitchen. I don’t even need my kettle any more. I’ve been thinking up all of the ways YOU can use one too.

  • Instant filtered steaming hot water. Unlike what you would expect from a standard kitchen tap mixer. The steaming hot water lever has a safety locking mechanism.
  • No more waiting for the kettle to boil
  • Making tea and coffee (my favourite)
  • Blanching vegetables
  • Preparing noodles
  • Preparing baby bottles
  • Fill your hot water bottles before bed (my boys can do this themselves easily)
  • Cleaning (perfect for stubborn pots and pans or a quick kill of germs on your sponge)
  • No waiting for water to run warm for washing up
  • Small and stylish hot water tank – can fit under most kitchen sink.

A bit about the tank

The Multitap3N1™ is supported by the next generation Neotank. The unit is 310mm H x 157mm W x 206mm D. About the size of a toaster and is designed to clip to the internal wall of the cupboard. This upgraded tank has precise adjustable temperature control up to 98 degrees celsius. You can turn the heat up and down. The 2.5L capacity allows you to heat only what you need while conserving energy for environmental stewardship.

Head to the Multitap3N1™ website to check out more info/specs. You’ll love this product! I am happy to recommend this to anyone. My plumber said it was super easy to install too.

♥ KC.

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