How to motivate yourself to get things done (when you don’t want to do it)

We’ve all been there. Lots. Even for days and days on end… when you just need to work out how to motivate yourself to get things done (when you don’t want to do it)! The struggle is overwhelming. How do you get on top of things at home, or work, when you just can’t be bothered?

There are plenty of days where we allow ourselves to take it easy and not take on too many tasks. But if we do this for too long it’s harder to catch up. Putting things off only creates a bigger drama in the long run.

You can use these tips for any project you like. Maybe it’s for getting things done at work, or on your own blog, or answering emails, or getting stuff done around your house. I got asked on Instagram last week how do I keep my house clean with 4 males living here. I don’t always have everything under control! I have to force myself to be motivated most days. Sometimes I’m on a roll and everything just comes together, but then there are days/weeks where I just scrape by doing only the basics.

Let’s have a look at some tips I put together which might help you…

Make a list

Are you sick of that quote “make a list“? Yeah, you’ve heard it all before, but seriously it works. If you don’t physically want to write it down then make a mental note of the things you need to achieve in that day. You won’t know where you’re headed, nor will you feel any satisfaction until you’ve ticked off the jobs. I write them on a whiteboard in my pantry for chores around the house, or a notepad next to my computer for blog stuff. A big scribble through it when it’s completed is the best feeling.

Tackle the big thing first

Simply put, you need to do the thing you really really don’t want to do first. This way you’ve done the worst thing already and are happier to do the other jobs by comparison. I try to do this most days. It helps me quickly move on with the day and sets the tone on how I will finish up. Maybe it’s to make that awkward phone call, or fold all washing sitting on the bench, or hit the supermarket early, or answer a chunk of emails before you start your day. Don’t leave it until the end of the day or push it to the next day because then you’re right back at the beginning.

Break things down

I really wanted to regrout my bathrooms a few weeks ago, but the DIY was going to be huge. I knew it would take some time. I could have easily put it off and put it off… we all do that with tasks where we know they will be very time-consuming! But you HAVE to at least start and make a commitment to finishing it. The best way is to break it down into time chunks. This goes for cleaning your house too. Someone introduced me to the app called Unflith Your House. It uses the f*** word lots, so don’t download if you’re easily offended, but it gives you a random job to complete around your home in a time frame. It’s so good!

Switch jobs with someone

Seriously, can someone else do the job for you? Can you ask your partner/husband/child to help with a job around the house? Maybe you could switch if he/she has a job you could do? Or can someone help you with tasks at your work/on your blog? Outsourcing is the best way to get things done if you can!

Imagine how you’ll feel

Just think about how good you will feel when that motivation kicks in. It’s mind over matter, but if those niggling things start slowly coming off your list I promise you’ll feel less overwhelmed. I love the saying “Nothing changes if nothing changes.” That’s how I like to look at things. I need to be motivated to keep moving forward. Little steps end up being huge leaps!

♥ KC.

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