Mother’s Day [If you know of a great Mum make sure you let her know this Sunday]

2 weeks ago I was asked by Uberkate if I would like to host a giveaway on my blog for a personalised necklace for Mother’s Day. Of course I said yes.

I hadn’t thought much about what response I would receive. All you had to do to enter was leave a comment on that blog post. I didn’t have any requirements.

But I soon realised people told me WHY they wanted to win that necklace for Mother’s Day. Hundreds of comments came flying in. I was moved and touched. People’s stories gave me goosebumps.

Mothers wrote why they should win it for themselves. Husbands left comments about their wives. Teenagers wrote about their Mum’s. Mum’s wrote about their neighbours. Each person was deserving and each Mother should be celebrated. How could I possibly give just 1 necklace away? …

I think Mother’s Day should be celebrated with more enthusiasm and more passion. It doesn’t need to be about elaborate gifts. It could be chocolates, a card, a coffee or a simple phone call to say hello.

This time of the year can also stir up a lot of emotions for people who are not close to their mother, who have recently lost theirs, or for Mums yet-to-be. I am thinking of you at this time…

For MY Mother’s Day, I don’t want elaborate gifts. I just want everyone to be nice and calm in this house! I feel very blessed to have these little people here with me.

I’ll be telling my own Mum how much I appreciate her.

If you know of a great Mum make sure you let her know this Sunday.

Happy Mother’s Day! X



  • A-M

    You are hilarious. Do you know that? You always make me laugh even when you are being serious. Great competition. I know what you mean about being blessed with the little people. A-M xx

    • Katrina (author)

      Hahaha I had my serious face on today! I was going to write a silly post but I hardly write serious, so it was hard… lol! X

  • Scandi Coast Home

    I can’t stop laughing after reading that ;o)
    I’m smiling already and it’s only 7:15am……
    ………………TM xx

  • Cathy

    Happy Mother’s Day…think peace and quiet here would be the perfect gift as well! No wrestling, no screaming, no fighting…a mum can only dream 🙂 xx

  • Marissa @ Beautifully Organised

    For Mother’s Day I just want a proper sleep in, and no chores to do for the day.

    And I don’t want to have to catch up on the chores by doing double the next day.

    Ok basically, I just want someone to cook and clean for me on Mother’s Day.

    And boots. I’d love a pair of new boots. But I’ll settle for the sleep in 😉

  • Jode

    That card is priceless! Love it!
    I agree a nice and clam, quite and peaceful, no hype day would be wonderful! We can dream! lol
    x Jode

  • Anna

    I am very close with Mum. I (and my sister)live in Australia and she lives in New Zealand but we still talk almost daily. I know Sunday will be hard for her as neither of us will be there to share it with her, but she knows it is just as hard for me because the best present I would love to be able to give her is me.

    I’m looking forward to my week with her in August where we will get to have some great bonding time while we plan my wedding and go dress shopping!!!

    To all the Mum’s out there you are amazing people.

  • Travis

    It goes to say that moms are just one of the most influential people in the world and deserved to be recognized every day.

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