More Mummy Pride

I am really happy if you skip past my blog this week 😉

I know, I know, I’m going to bombard you with my kids and their Christmas performances!

BUT, this one was too cute to go past. Chevy happily let me video this yesterday. We were waiting outside for his brother to come home from a friend’s house. I’ve also noticed a cheeky almost-10 year old next to him making some strange faces.

You know what else I think is cute? When you’ve finished videoing and they want to sit up in front of the computer and watch themselves over and over again! Ha!

Today I will be on the radio with Pottsy and Leighton (local station) around 9.30am and then I’ll be down at The Wagga Marketplace chatting to the newspaper about this promotion I am doing. PLUS it’s the last day of school so I need to pick up some laybys. I’m feeling sick today, so I hope this passes quick smart because I have too much to do!

Don’t forget to enter my iphone cases giveaway. There is too much cuteness over here too – they are polka-dot and leopard print cases.

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  • A-M says:

    Oh he is just edible…. so is his brother! Get better pet. A-M xx

  • Lou says:

    K, what a little cutie and 10 year old facials are funny!! That is something my middle son would do (same age)

    Someone will be lucky to win such a great prize at the Marketplace.

    Lou ; )

  • MM says:

    They are adorable – you should be as proud as punch! You are very lucky to have 3 happy and healthy boys. I hope you get better soon. MM x

  • Kimmy says:

    Oh how adorable and Mr almost 10- what a crack up…I just had to watch it three times… are right to be so proud!! Very, very lucky with your three boys!! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!