More inspiration for my new house

Remember this post about a wall I want in the middle of my house with a fireplace? You’ll also probably remember I decided against the wood fire and have gone with a double sided gas fire. Below are some pictures of how I sort of want the wall. These photos are from a display home in Albury. It just came to me yesterday that this is the house which originally gave me the idea… Oh, and the colours are not my style, so ignore that 🙂


 This side (photo above) would have the tv above the fireplace.


This photo (above) will also have the fireplace at the bottom (it’s a double sided one remember?) and nothing above it. This room will be the dining room so maybe I’ll put a big clock above it.

But I really like the shelving either side to see in to each of the rooms. I am worried my dining room will become blocked in and won’t be big enough. I can’t wait to see it though! The builder has said he will make up the wall when the ceiling goes in (plastering starts next week).

Today I’m off to paint the exterior. I’ll show you all of that tomorrow! Have a great day.



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