More house photos (8 sleeps to go)…

We’re in the thick of it now people! 8 more sleeps! It’s all happening. My husband has taken the day off work today to lay floorboards. I am loving them sick!


They are a floating timber floor in Spotted Gum.



The kitchen tiling has been grouted. I am so happy!!! All the tiles came from National Tile and the kitchen subway tile is quite big – 100mmx400mm. Now I can’t wait to see the island bench go in + the oven and kickers…


Laundry floor tiles are going down…


And the front façade is getting a little fancier 🙂

So, today, whilst my husband busts his gut, I will be getting pampered with a new hair colour. I have been trying to take it easy this week as next week I’ll be packing my little heart out. I am still feeling average, so I’ll relax until next week. But I will be delivering refreshments to my husband and the boys during the day 🙂

Have a great Friday everyone!


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  • Chris R says:

    Looks amazing Katrina, have loved watching it all come together, good luck for the move in 8 days 🙂

  • A-M says:

    Heart stopping. So happy for you. Enjoy your pampering. Say hi to the Muttster for me #nbf. xx

  • stephanie says:

    So understand your excitement to having a complete reno. We are days away from moving into our home!

  • Cathy says:

    So, so, so exciting! We are still about 4-5 weeks off…the tilers got a talking to this morning for dragging the chain! I saw my pantry this morning and got a surge of excitement! We’ve had a pretty emotional few weeks with a serious illness in the family so the house is kind of a welcome distraction. A bit of time out from the heavy stuff. Glad you’re feeling better. Read your post the other day but didn’t get a chance to comment. Save your energy for the packing/unpacking and the fun of decorating! You must be so excited!

  • mel says:

    Wow, those floorboards look amazing, you must be so excited to be almost moving in. Glad you are feeling better this week, now just don’t overdo the excitement and go backwards! mel x

  • sweetness says:

    You are nearly to counting down the hours! Your excitement is bursting off the screen! Looks great! Can’t wait to see what it looks like finished and furnished too!!

  • Kym says:

    love, love, love Katrina. The kitchen is just gorgeous and the facade is beautiful. Well done,great taste, can’t wait to see what you do inside.

  • Penny barns says:

    Not long now

  • Lea says:

    I’m dead jealous you’re racing ahead of me .. makes me want to catch up! 😀

  • Tam166 says:

    Katrina could you please tell me what colour your windows are.. White or surfmist? TIA