More fun with #ExerciseShot

You guys are really getting in to this. Thanks! I love sitting down and finding all your photos.

Hopefully I’ve motivated a few extra people to join in and start a bit of exercising.

My knees have been a bit sore this week. Who thought I’d ever say that?? Who am I these days? I even had the tights out. OMG, the horror. But it’s making me feel so good. My scales haven’t moved a ticker and I was a bit bummed as my clothes are feeling pretty good, but my girlfriend told me I was “redistributing everything…” Haha, well I’m ok with that! That’s all I wanted. I’m not doing it for any other reason than to feel good in my clothes and get that mood of mine in check (call on those endorphins and they do wonders for the mood – I’ve been feeling it!).

I really look forward to getting out and taking these photos each day. Here are some of your photos…

 Keep going! Keep tagging your photos with #ExerciseShot (<< click there to find out what I’m talking about). You’re all so inspiring and doing such a great job.

In other news… I had a nice weekend. I went to a cocktail party with Tim Ross (Rosso). You can see my photos on Instagram. Then yesterday we had a bit of a clean-a-thon, then my husband took the kids to watch local footy grand finals (1st grade). Today we start school holidays. This means I have the mega tin of milo, 20 packets of 2 minute noodles, tins of spaghetti, nutri-grain… you name it! BOY-food. Oh, and I have an extra supply of dishwasher tablets as it runs red hot during the holidays. Lord, give me strength.

Have a great Monday! X

PS. Tomorrow I’m going to give you some more of my shopping picks.


  • Karen

    I’m loving the #exerciseshots! I’m fairly new to regular exercise but I’ve been diligently training on 6 days a week for the last month or so. Your photo game is a fun little cherry on the top haha!

  • scandi.coast.home

    Hi Katrina,
    I went to go for a walk this morning and closed my eyes again just for a second and woke up much, much later……Oops! Trying again tomorrow ;o)
    Have a lovely evening,
    Tania xx

  • Rachel

    I am loving #exerciseshot. You have probably noticed 🙂 I think it is such a fun way to motivate and share xx

  • melly2605

    Thanks for the mention Katrina…

    Have to say, loving everyones #exerciseshot pics, if I am not feeling like doing any exercise, they do mangage to get me off my butt more than before!


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