Mistakes to avoid when choosing a builder

Building is not something we do very often but making sure you choose the right builder can eliminate stress and budget blowouts along the way. There are so many builders to select from, especially if you visit a display village! You’ll be spoiled for choice but narrowing it down the right builder for YOU can be stressful (and that’s all before you’ve started to build!). Today I have a few tips which might help…


1. Choosing the wrong KIND of builder

Some builders specialise in new homes, some in renovations, some in high-end builds, others in project homes. A builder who specialises in extensions may not be the right builder for you if you want a brand-new home. They may not be skilled in quoting entire jobs. So, get to know what your choice of builder is good at.

2. Not getting a proper quote

Make sure it’s detailed, extensive and many many pages long! If a builder cannot provide you with a solid quote for every single item in your home, then just keep searching around for another builder. What are their guarantees, what are the inclusions, what will that oven look like? How high are the ceilings? You need a builder who is confident in their pricing and then you won’t be left with extra surprises at the very end.

3. Cheapest isn’t always best

Naturally you’ll be looking to save money when you’re building a new home. It’s all the unknown if this is your first time. But it’s best to gather a few quotes and group the similar ones together and go from there. If it’s too cheap, then that should be a red flag. Usually that will mean you’ll be sacrificing something along the way.

4. Not understanding the lingo

If you don’t understand something you have to ask. You even need to google! You don’t want to be falsely lead in a direction simply because you weren’t sure what something meant. If your builder in talking to you in terms you don’t understand then ask. If you still don’t think they are speaking to you on your capable level, then maybe this isn’t the builder for you. Make sure the builder you choose is on the same page.

5. Find current clients

Stalk the builder’s social media and try to find people (and connect with them) who have used this particular builder. Word of mouth is important! Don’t just take the builder’s word for it, find people who have built with them. See what their experience was like, were there budget blowouts or issues with timing?

6. Who will oversee your site?

A lot of the time the builder you first meet and the one who gives you the quote may not even be working on your site. You may never see them with a tool in their hand. That’s ok though! But it does mean you’ll need to work out early on who the actual site manager will be. Are they going to be your point of contact? Do you even like them? Because it may be that person you’re dealing with from day-to-today.

Good luck with your build! ♥KC.

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