I have too many projects on the go…

I love a little DIY project, but this time I have too many on the go… haha. My husband loves a project too, he never says no. But he did ask me yesterday to let him know where we’re up to and can we just finish something first??

We just finished a big project – the double sided fireplace. It’s been the best thing ever! And when we did that task, I purchased a new lounge so it felt like we really made some big changes to our living area (love it!). I am still deciding on some tiles around one side of the fireplace though, so that’s on the “project list”.

Here’s a list of what I have going on in my world…

1. Get rid of the old lounge – it’s sitting on my back verandah still. It’s been there a couple of months, but it’s so heavy and requires about 4 people to move it so I have just been ignoring it. I am going to take some photos of it this week and list it on a Facebook page and hopefully the new owners will lift it out of here 😉

2. I went to a timber mill last week and bought a slab which is being made in to a dining table. The guy said it would be 2 weeks away. He’s pressing it, sanding it and cutting it to size. Then, it needs to be sprayed with a semi-gloss 2-pack. We are giving this to my husband’s brother to do for us. Following that I need some legs made for it. That will require a welder to make me some, then they need to be sprayed black (back to my husband’s brother). I also need to buy new dining chairs, but I won’t do that until I see the final colour (it’s a Stringybark, but with the clear top coat I need to wait to see the exact colour). I have also been researching new dining chairs and I don’t like anything at all. Actually, I like a couple but they are $260 each and no way am I spending that! Help?

3. Then after getting all pumped up and buying a slab of timber for the dining table, someone listed another piece on a Facebook page much cheaper (but not finished, or sanded), which my husband wanted me to snap up for an outdoor table. The piece is bigger, but needs some work, so now we’re also doing an outdoor table. Eeek. We need to sand this ourselves. Then we’ll get it sprayed in a 2-pack as well, and again we need legs (but we may be able to use the ones off our old table) followed by new chairs! Again, I hate every outdoor chair I’ve ever seen haha. So each day I feel like I’m forever google searching dining chairs or outdoor chairs. There’s no rush on this project because it’s bleeping freezing outside! The guy selling the slab was so kind and even dropped it off to our house (because it wouldn’t fit in our ute), so it’s sitting in my garage and may stay there until we get a few more daylight hours.

4. I am also working with 2 companies for paid sponsorship on a small home office makeover. I am putting in a shaftless skylight, ripping out old shelves, putting up new shelves, repainting and then dressing the room up again with some new bits and pieces. So that’s another biggish DIY project. The hold up has been the skylight which I ordered 2 weeks ago. I was hoping to have that in yesterday, but it’s still not here, and now my husband is going camping next weekend! So this may have to be a mid-week project. I can be ripping out the old shelves, but I hate doing that until I know the whole project is ready to come together!

5. I also have on the list to change an internal door to a barn style door with the black hardware. I still love that look, and I have the perfect spot. I can buy the hardware online, but I have been searching for the right door. It’ll come up no doubt. I think the universe isn’t showing me the door until I have all the other DIY stuff out of the way haha.

6. Next on the list after all these is an outdoor kitchen (just with a built in BBQ and a couple of cupboards) and some pull down outdoor blinds. But they will be Spring/Summer projects.

I am sure I’ll come up with another job in amongst these! 😉 Do you have an DIY projects on the go at your home?

♥ KC.


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