Make your own hand santiser

Make your own hand sanitiser!! Okely dokely… So you know I love my low tox, but there’s some serious germs out there right now. I don’t loooovvveee all the alcohol but it’s better than all the store bought stuff (if you can get any!).

How to make your own hand santiser

• 5 tablespoons pure Aloe Vera gel (from a chemist)
• 5 tablespoons 91-100% cleaning alcohol (Bunnings or check online for stores – my husband uses it at work so I stole some)
• 1/3 cup boiled cooled water
• Pure essential oils (8-10 drops, I used On Guard but you can use Clove or Tea Tree too)
• Then mix in a bowl and pour in to little containers.
• Shake well before use (the gel will sit on the bottom)