Make the kids sign a contract?

My husband was telling us all a story the other night…

He said when he was 15 he mentioned to his parents that he would never ever drink beer.

As you do when you’re that age… “There’s no way I’ll ever drink, that stuff is gross!

He said his parents laughed at him and said ok then, let’s write up a contract.

For fun they wrote a contract which said something like:

I, Andrew Chambers, promise to never ever drink beer. If I don’t drink beer, Patty and John Chambers will pay me $20,000.

He said they all signed it and my husband was ecstatic. He thought $20,000 would be his!

Needless to say, he never got that $20k. 

This story made the kids and I laugh and laugh. My boys started that conversation too: why do you drink it anyway Dad, it’s gross!

So the cycle goes on. Kids think beer is yuck… and… then they turn 17-18.

I am going to get my kids to sign contracts too, for fun, and present them with it at their 21st birthdays!


  • Jodie aka Mummaducka

    I’ll just be happy with a contract to pay them if they can keep tidy rooms for just a little while! or put their clothes away!!!

  • Deanne

    my 17 year old says the same, maybe i should do this!

  • Abbey R

    Too funny!
    I actually did the same when I was younger, declaring to my parents that I would never drink tea or coffee and if I made it to 30 without the nasty stuff, they would give me $5000!! I remind them quite often that my dirty thirty is only two years away!
    “Show me the money!!”

  • Pamela

    Reminds me of when our youngest used to assure us he would never behave like a teenager. He’s old enough to be reminded of those statements now, but for a few years we wouldn’t have dared!

  • What Sarah Did Next

    I love that, Katrina! I may have to use that on my 14 year old, haha xx

  • penny barns

    haha very funny. should be a good laugh in a few years for sure

    Pen x

  • Ava Grace

    Terrific contract!! The contract paper will be a great source of fun in the near future definitely. I am going to make such a contract with my CLIENTS 🙂

  • Sabrina

    I support it all the way but be a little bit careful.

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