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How to: Make Candles Burn Longer


I am addicted to candles. I can’t get enough of them and I usually have one burning every day.

Today I thought I’d share some tips on how to make sure candles burn as long as possible without any wax going to waste.

Trim Wicks
Snipping the wick is one of the most effective ways to lengthen a candle’s life. If you don’t trim them before each time you burn the candle they smoke up, shed black debris and leave the glass jar looking black. Left untrimmed it can also lead to uneven heating.

Limit Burn Time
Don’t burn your candle for longer than 2 hours at a time. Blow it out often, let it re-set and use it again another day. This makes sure it burns slowly and wax settles evenly. This is why I have so many candles rotating around in my house!

More than one wick
Candles with several evenly spaced wicks will burn more smoothly than large candles with a single wick.

Circular candles
They burn more effectively than odd shapes because all the wax is an even distance from the wick. Square candles and random shapes can melt unevenly and leave wasted wax behind.

Burn Cool Candles
Refrigerate (not freeze) your candle for 1-2 hours before burning will chill the wax and help it burn more slowly, therefore allowing the candle to last longer.

Don’t waste
A good candle is one where the wax melts evenly around the tip (not sinking in to a hole). Sometimes the cheaper candles do this I find. If this happens, don’t think your candle has gone to waste! Just scoop out some of the wax and pop it in a tea light holder like the one I have above. I also do this when my candle gets low. I use every little last piece of wax!

♥ KC.

Where will I find THE BEST candles?? What’s your fav?


  1. Cocolux

  2. A’more Soy Candles N.7! Amazing…

  3. Leanne Fox

    4 August

    Soy and lace candles. Amazing quality. Long lingering beautiful fragrances.

  4. Tina Baker

    4 August

    Byron bay candles coconut and elderflower love them

  5. Deborah Davey

    4 August

    My favourite scents are vanilla and sweet pea. I love to make my own container candles upcycled from old candles and vintage containers and have sold quite a few as Domum Vindemia. 🙂

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