Make an essential oil Himalayan salt diffuser

Here’s a little project you can do in a couple of minutes for only a few bucks. Make a Himalayan salt diffuser with your favourite essential oil. Put these little bowls anywhere in your house. No need for a diffuser which requires power. Put them on windowsills, bathrooms, bedside tables, side tables, in an office… You can move wherever you want. Cheaper and better than a candle (no toxins!).

What you need

  • Himalayan pink rock salt $5 from Woolies.
  • Your favourite essential oil – I chose Purify.
  • Finger bowl – I had a couple already, but the little white one was $1 at Woolies!


  • Just add the salt, a few drops of the oil and toss it through. So easy – anyone can do this!
  • What a gorgeous Christmas gift too. Just bag up some salt, a cute little bowl and give someone a bottle of oil.
  • Add a few drops every week to refresh it. When you’re sick of it, use the salt in the bath.

For more essential oil uses go here. And here is how you buy them!

♥ KC.


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