Looking hot as mustard {well so we think}

My 2 besties and I in the motel in downtown Sydney. We had shopped all day long and had to stuff our bags shut with all our goodies. Here we are – just about to head off to see Britney Spears. Couldn’t ask for better friends! We had a ball. Look at us all tarted up thinking we were in our 20s. Oh well, we thought we were hotter than half of the skanky 20 year olds anyway haha.

PS. Britney was shit, but the show was great. Uh derrr…I did know she would be crap, but didn’t care because we really wanted to see her anyway!


  • A Bite of Country Cupcakes

    Gee you all look great!
    Are you really sure you have kids????

  • our shabby cottage

    Well, if I looked like that I would think I was Hot too!!! Good on you girls, glad you all had a ball.

  • Alison

    At least you knew what to expect at the concert. Everyone says the show was great.
    What fun to get away with your besties.
    You girls look fabulous

  • Shannon

    You all look fabulous!! I am sure much better than any 20 year old!

  • The Rose Room

    cool fun with your friends, who cares if Brit was shit! Rachaelxo

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